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YouTube Finally Punishes Logan Paul After Horrendously Insensitive Suicide Forest Vlog


On its Twitter page, YouTube announced it will be taking actions against vlogger/YouTuber Logan Paul after the debacle that occured when he released a video of a man who had apparently recently committed suicide. In the video, Logan and his crew claimed to use this as an angle for mental health awareness, but the off-color jokes and uncomfortable laughs proved all the different.

According to a report from ABC News, YouTube will be taking Paul off Google Preferred, Google’s top-notch ad service that is accessible by brand advertisers to access the top YouTubers. In addition to the Google Preferred removal, YouTube will not allow Paul to be featured on season 4 of the YouTube original series “Foursome,” as well as his own originals being put on hold.

The video, which is now been taken down from YouTube, sat in the trending list on YouTube for at least three to four hours before it was finally taken down. Not only are YouTubers and audience members upset that the video initially made it through the inspection process from YouTube, many like PewDiePie and Anthony Fantano have voiced their opinions on how it’s downright outrageous that YouTube would even put a video like this in the trending page; especially when you factor in that YouTube curates the trending page.

Before today, YouTube had been kind of mute on the topic. Not a whole lot had been done and many people began calling for harsh punishment from YouTube to Logan Paul. Logan Paul’s videos in the past has garnered heat, but nothing like this. The reason people we calling for harsh punishments sprung from the fact that even though Paul might’ve suffered a little in the public eye, he was still gaining more subscribers and followers after the video had been published and taken down. This means his fans had found no issue with the video and that’s a scary thought that Paul’s actions are so influential that children and young people would view a terribly complex situation like suicide in such a tasteless manner. The division between Logan Paul fans and those who have disdain for him only became more polarized with each respective side growing larger.

Check out the statement from YouTube below:

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Mitch Hooper

Mitch Hooper



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