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Food you can have delivered to your door past midnight.

You just left Bull’s. You had way too much to drink and you didn’t even eat before heading out for the night (stupid), but now it’s way too late to get anything to eat, so you’ll just have to be hungry until tomorrow morning.

Or do you?

We’ve all been in that situation. In fact, it probably happens multiple times a week. Chipotle is closed. Panera is closed. Pretty much every restaurant in Gateway is closed (thanks, Campus Partners) and McDonald’s sounds worse than eating nothing, so we retire to our dorms with an empty stomach, sulking in hunger until the sweet embrace of sleep takes us in and we can get a bagel in the morning. Of course, the well-prepared will have a few snacks ready to go in their dorm, but what if you haven’t gone grocery shopping yet?

Well, for those who forgot to grab a lifetime supply of ramen and popcorn at Kroger, there’s a few great places that can get you right late at night.

Graciously Greasy

WingsOver is a personal favorite. They’re open until 4 a.m., so hardcore partiers need not worry about the joint being closed. Their wings are lowkey good as hell (better than Buffalo Wild Wings, which seems to constantly underwhelm) and, best of all, there’s no fee for delivery (tip your drivers well, please). Plus there’s 28 different sauces and the option to mix them. Oh, boy. I’m in heaven. My go-to is a DC-10 (1 lb. of boneless wings) with Honey BBQ or Bourbon Sugar BBQ. Add in a side order of waffle fries and you might even have leftovers to eat when you inevitably stay out too late tomorrow, too.

D.P. Dough is for your inner Ben Wyatt, Parks & Rec. fans. Calzones, calzones and more calzones, and it’s open until 4 a.m. all weekend. Pizza is the ultimate late night delivery food, and calzones are the ultimate pizza. Is there a downside to this? I can just list a few of the wonderful things about calzones: (1) they’re handheld pizzas??? (2) you can put, like, anything inside (don’t do pineapple) (3) are you not convinced yet? Just order it already!


Garden Greens

Not everybody loves eating greasy foods that are bound to catch up to you eventually, and that’s where Pita Pit comes into play. Sure, there’s plenty of carbs in that pita itself which is why you gotta balance it out with some falafel. Who said late night food can’t be half-way good for you? Just make sure you get your order in before 1 a.m. because that’s when they close their doors.

Got a craving for something a little more green? Hit up Jimmy John’s and order an Unwich wrap. You can either go all in on the healthy food by ordering a veggie or tuna salad wrap, or you can use that lettuce wrap as an excuse to go all in and get a Big Italian. We aren’t judging.

Grand Finale

Insomnia Cookies lives up to its name by being open until 3 a.m. and offering some of the most delicious cookies I’ve ever tasted. Somehow, they’ve branded themselves as a peaceful place for cookie lovers, but when it’s 1:30 in the morning and you’re drunk, you will violently scarf down these little pieces of heaven. And, if you think this place only serves cookies, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out they’ve got ice cream, brownies and ice cream sandwiches made with those delicious cookies.

The one and only Buckeye Donuts has a reputation for being a great drunk food place, and let me tell you: they’ve earned it. They’ve got the most mouth-watering donuts on the planet, and with 30+ varieties to choose from, you’re bound to find one you like. Want sweet and savory? Maple Bacon. Want something a little fruity? Apple Fritter. Cream or custard-filled, glazed, Buckeye flavored, sprinkles or none. Whatever your flavor is, Buckeye Donuts has it. And, since they’re open 24 hours, you can stay out as late as you want. Just know some people might be stopping in for a breakfast sandwich or a gyro if you stay up too long.


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