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The Worst Dating Stories From @OSUCrush, Pt. I

We had so many bad date stories come in, we had to make two parts for it.

The world of dating is hard. If you give off too much attention and you might come off as overbearing and scare them away. If you don’t give enough attention, they will begin to think you are uninterested or talking to other people. It’s a balancing act and, let’s face it, we all kind of suck at it.

So how do you combat this? What is the end-all solution to the cat and mouse game of dating? How do you find the one?

Yeah, we aren’t going to lie to you. We don’t really know either. But, what we do know is this: You are not alone in your struggle to find a significant other. Between being ghosted, bad dates, or discovering a person you admire isn’t who you thought they were; we’re all just 20-something-year-olds running around hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

And that’s what these worst dating stories are. People who were hoping for the best only to find themselves looking around a room and asking, “How in the hell did I end up in this situation?”


It was a movie night around Halloween. We watched a scary movie, had apple cider, starting making out and things moved to the bedroom. As things progressed I started to feel dizzy and sick. It turns out she had eaten chocolate shortly before and I’m highly allergic. I spent the rest of the night vomiting my guts out and nearly dying. She left.


My worst dating story was a guy from Tinder. He drove an hour to my town and took me to Buffalo Wild Wings. Then he drove me an hour to his house to watch “Fight Club.” He got drunk off half of a drink and then smoked weed. I’m in the military so I don’t smoke. I made him drive me to a friends house that was a few minutes away and he drunk texted me thinking we had slept together, but I never let him touch me. I never talked to him again.


We were watching a movie and started making out. After saying “no” multiple times to being touched or doing anything else, the dumbass boy continues to touch me. He got kicked in the balls and I left out of fear for my safety. SEXUAL ASSAULT IS NOT OK.


I went to go pick up my high school boyfriend to go out to dinner. After 20 minutes of sitting outside waiting for him, he finally came outside and told me his mom wanted to talk to me. Once I got inside, she informed me how much weight I’ve gained and made me go get a pregnancy test then made me take at her house. Also, this is the worst way anyone has ever called me fat.


We studied, played video games, and hooked up. Then he told me he wants to get back with his ex!


I met this dude at a party. We really seemed to hit it off so I agreed to let him take me out to dinner. At dinner he told me in all seriousness that he could see the future. He said he had done a “reading” and that we were destined to be together forever. I have never left a date so quickly.


I don’t know, I have never gotten that far with a guy. Apparently, a woman with ambition, boldness, and compassion leads to ghosting. Who knew?


I drove an hour to go hang out after talking for a while and I went to his house to figure out where we were going. He got high and forgot I was coming. So, we sat and watched TV until he got a call from his sister saying she got in an accident. He hurried me out of his house and offered me gas money, but turns out, it was a fake phone call. We hung out for a total of 20 minutes.


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1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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