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What The Buck Is This?

How your BuckID is more than just a boujee library card.

It’s cheap, you probably hate your picture in it, and you will undoubtedly lose it more than a few times per school year. When you forget to bring it with you, it’s the reason you are locked out of your dorm room at night and when your friend comes to visit from out of town, it’s why on football Saturdays they can sneak into the student section with you. It’s the good old BuckID. And now that you are officially on campus and you have properly removed your BuckID lanyard from around your neck, it’s time to find out how to take full advantage of that plastic card.


Debit Card Replacement

If you’re the person who is known for losing their debit card, then this BuckID feature may just save your life. OSU allows you to turn your BuckID into a backup debit card that you can use anywhere that accepts BuckId and you can use it to withdraw cash from the ATM.


If you live in a dorm, your BuckID is your best friend mainly because it’s the way you get into your dorm but also because you can use it for all the amenities offered in your dorms such as laundry, vending machines, and gaming areas.

D-TIX Lottery

Finding something to do in Columbus is never an issue but paying for it on a college budget can be. Lucky for OSU students, we have this awesome thing call D-TIX which is a lottery system to win discounted tickets for all types of events. So whether you’re trying to visit the Columbus Zoo, go to a concert, or check out a Blue Jackets game, D-TIX will be able to help you get cheap tickets.



Columbus may be considered a little city but even a little city is too big to only have walking as your way of transportation. While Ubering is always a possibility, it is definitely one of the pricers ways to get around especially when there is an event happening, and the surge charge triples. The COTA is by far the cheapest way to maneuver your way around the city because it’s totally free for Ohio State Student.


The library can offer way more than just a place to study or hang out at in between classes. If you don’t have a printer then just go to one of the many campus libraries they all have printing and copying services that cost as little as 4 cents. If your computer or phone aren’t working, grab your BuckID and schedule an appointment at BuckeyeBar which offers face-to-face technology support inside of Thompson Library. When finals roll around finding a study spot is, well, impossible so do yourself and your friends a favor and reserve a group study room which is available at most OSU libraries.


General software

Being an OSU student means that you can install different types of software including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Photoshop and so many more for free. So no matter if your class requires a specific software or if you are trying to up your meme game you’ll be able to take advantage of this OSU perk.

My BuckMD

Getting sick while in college is inevitable and if you aren’t from the Columbus area then getting sick is even more stressful because you probably don’t have a primary doctor here, in fact, you probably don’t have any doctor here. Well, if you wake up sick or even with a phone call from your dentist saying you missed your last cleaning there’s no need to worry, log onto your BuckMD and you can schedule an appointment that matches the service you need. Services include vaccinations, dental, nutrition therapy, optometry, primary care and men and women services.


OUAB Events

OUAB is Ohio State’s activities board; this organization puts on concerts, host speakers, comedians, shows movies and provides many more activities. Although it is technically free for you to attend these events, some of your tuition money does go towards funding them, so do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on what this organization has to offer. 

General discounts to attractions

Having a BuckID can mean having a coupon book for the OSU area at the tip of your finger. Merchants of the Month is a perfect example of one of the many ways just owning the ID can give you discounts. Each month certain merchants affiliated with OSU will provide new discounts for students and some deals students have previously seen include $6.50 movie tickets at Gateway Film Center, and 10% off cell phone repair and free screen protector at Buckeye Wireless.

OSU sporting events

Not only are all OSU sporting events free for students (except football and men’s basketball) but certain games even have Buckeye Student Promotions. These promotions give students who attend those games the chance to win free OSU gear such as hats, shirt, fanny packs and so much more.

This story was written by Aleah Whitacre.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff



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