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Ten odd things you’ll see at the Arnold Sports Festival this year.

t’s that time of the year when it seems like there isn’t anything to do during the cold winter months besides hibernate in your bedroom, wrapped up like a burrito. Then, at the end of February, a dim light of hope appears on the horizon of your weekend plans—a festival. But this isn’t like the music festivals of summer, filled with free spirits and warmth. It’s the Arnold Sports Festival, filled with exercise drinks, ripped muscles, and some of the weirdest competitions and contests you can think of. Don’t believe me? Check out this list.

1.) Indoor Scottish Highland Games

Everyone loves kilts. Everyone loves weird objects. What does everyone love more than those two things? A person in a kilt throwing weird objects as far as they can, including shot put balls affectionately called stones, giant wooden poles, and pitchforks. The games showcase all of these events and more, with the prize being a statue of Scottish Strongman Donald Dinnie, a legend to keep on your dresser.

2.) Axe Throwing

Have you ever wanted to throw an axe, had a particular liking for axes, amassed an axe collection, or just really wanted to live out your video game fantasy? Here is your chance to experience a combination of all three. The Arnold offers an event that teaches people how to properly hurl an axe through the air towards a wooden target. Axes will provided, so leave your personal ones at home. 

3.) Guns and Hoses Boxing

At first glance the name of this event seems odd and possibly dangerous, when in reality it is two fitting nicknames for the competitors: police officers and firefighters. These two groups of heroes who usually work together become rivals quickly, boxing for multiple rounds. While this is undoubtedly entertaining, seeing actual guns and hoses box would be much more weird and interesting. 

4.) UMG Gaming

Ironically, the Arnold hosts UMG Gaming on the last three of the festival’s four days. Gamers are showcased in this event, using their thumbs, minds, and always-in-shape characters to compete. At this rate, with eSports on the rise, sometime in the far future the first Arnold Virtual Sports Festival will happen, featuring digital versions of all the events in cyberspace.

5.) Body Painting

Posing for six hours while being painted into a skin-morphing masterpiece is a great time for anyone wanting to show their body off as a canvas for Jan Tana’s Body Painting Revolution. If you’re a fan of the show Skin Wars, you can now experience it in the flesh. Classic Arnold Cinema is the very original theme for this year’s event.

6.) Spartan Obstacle Course

This obstacle course race message is simple: rip 100 milion people off the couch by using incentives like an empowering name and encouragement. No entry fee makes it very tempting to participate, but be aware that it is first come, first served. People who want to avoid mud and climbing should not sign up for this one. Motivation is required. 

7.) Pole Fitness

Yes, pole fitness is a recognized sport. Unsurprisingly, it has been growing in popularity around the world. The PCS Championship, dubbed the “most prestigious pole event to date”, will be taking place at this year’s Arnold festival. The competition includes men and women who will put on their best costumes while showcasing their pole fitness skills. This will probably be one of the most crowded events, for obvious reasons. 

8.) Rogue Record Breakers

This event involves strongman and strongwoman competitors trying to break Guinness world records. The uncommon events include lifting a 315 pound dumbbell over their head and raising a “stone” up over a bar. Whoever wins or breaks the record gets a submission to Guinness and money, while the audience gets bragging rights for watching. 

9.) Art Show and Quick Draw Contest

The art contest at the Arnold is unsurprisingly centered around bodies. Artists have three days to prepare their best work for judging and display, drawing inspiration from different models and events. Creativity is found everywhere at the Arnold, otherwise most of the events on this list wouldn’t exist.

10.) Foosball

Foosball is usually associated with memories of childhood. Most people remember trying to hit the ball while simultaneously smashing into their friends’ hands with the spinning poles, either on purpose or on accident. People have started to give in to their nostalgia caused by this game, evidenced by the fact that foosball has become popular enough to have its own championship at the Arnold this year, leaving the possibility of bruised hands still open. 


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