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Weird Campus: John Mayer Appreciation Club

Campus has a club for everything. Everything? you ask. Yes. Everything.

And that includes a club devoted to celebrating John Mayer. I’d like to introduce you all to the John Mayer Appreciation Club. I spoke to the co-presidents of this wonderful organization, just in case you’ve got a John Mayer itch that needs scratched.

Tell me about the organization! When do you meet, what do you do, all that.

Sarah Jicomelli, co-President and co-founder: We meet once a month, and our next meeting is actually tomorrow (October 17th), but if you cannot make that we have one on November 14th in Enarson 240 from 7-8, and everyone is welcome! We are also having a bake sale on the Oval on October 26th from 1-3 p.m. to raise money for one of John’s favorite organizations, REVERB. If you want to learn more about John Mayer, REVERB, or just want a cookie, come on down! If you want to be put on the listserv to get more information about future events (or just want to chat about John) email me at jicomelli.1.

Jen Rhoades, co-President: I’m Jen and also co-president! Sarah basically included all the important stuff. I’m currently studying in London for the semester, I’d email Sarah if you’re interested!

How did this group get started? How long has it been around?

Both: We actually started the club last year! We met in O Chem lab and discovered we were both fans of John because of a JM pin Jen had on her backpack. Eventually, we went together to his show when he was here in April 2017 – we were actually able to meet him and sit front row! Since then, we decided we needed to reach out and see if there were any other huge fans on campus, so we created JMAC!

John Mayer Appreciation CLub. So, it seems there really is a club for everything at Ohio State. How many members are there in the club?

Both: Right now, there are 20 members on the roster and this does not include the interest we have gotten from professors lol. We akways want to expand so if you are interested, email us! (ohiostatejmac@gmail.com)

And what are the meetings like? Is it just a big ol’ jam session to Your Body is a Wonderland? Do you all dress up like John Mayer?

Both: The meetings vary depending on what the club wants. So, last meeting, we made an ultimate JM playlist by choosing 2 songs from each of his albums and we also watched some of our favorite live performances. The next meeting is the day after his 41st birthday, so we are going to celebrate with cake and Where the Light Is.


How many John Mayer concerts have you been to? Do you know how many the person who’s been to the most in the organization has gone to?

Sarah: I have been to four John Mayer concerts (and 4 Dead and Company concerts if you count those?). I am not sure who has been to the most… I am going to ask that at the next meeting and maybe get them a present?

Jen: I’ve only been to three John concerts! The first one was actually when Sarah and I met him. 🙂

How do members of the club feel about songs that only feature John’s guitar and not his voice? You know, songs like White by Frank Ocean, Small Worlds by Mac Miller, Like to Be You by Shawn Mendes and probably a million others.

Sarah: Great question! I am going to bring that up at the next meeting! Personally, I love it. i think low-key collaboration is something that he really likes to do and it is always a nice little surprise when you are listening to a song and realize the riff you really enjoy is him!

Jen: I love it, too! I think John knows that his talent on guitar is translatable to so many different genres, so I love it when he expands and collaborates.

As I’m typing this I was just Googling John Mayer to see if there’s anything I should include and oh my god it’s his birthday how is JMAC celebrating???

Sarah: HAPPY 41ST JOHN!!!! Like I said earlier, we are watching Where the Light is and eating cake!


Is there any consensus on the best John Mayer song of all time within the club? What’s your top five? Are there any songs that are just bad by John Mayer in your opinion? Can you rank his albums?

Sarah: I think it is really hard to pick his best song of all time. I know the club has varying opinions and we have never really landed on his #1 greatest hit. Personally, my top 5 would have to be Born and Raised, Another Kind of Green, 3×5, Waitin on the Day, and Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967 in no particular order EXCEPT Born and Raised is always and forever my #1. I hate to say it, but I think my least favorite of John’s work is the Battle Studies album. I cannot really vibe with any of the songs except I’m On Fire and Edge of Desire. I just think that album is so not him and really a product of the 2008-2009 environment he was living in. That being said, John is such a talented artist and I know someone out there is a diehard Battle Studies fan because of how well it translates to their life. I cannot really rank his albums except that Born and Raised is my #1 <3

Jen: Oh jeez I dunno! My top 5 haaave to be Comfortable, 3×5, Stop This Train, Born and Raised, and Waitin’ On the Day. It’s really difficult to pick best and worst John albums because I think everyone can find ways that they can relate to the different albums. He is so human, and I find things in every song that I can relate to.

Fill in the blank: John Mayer’s best tattoo is ______.

Sarah: His Stevie Ray Vaughan tattoo!

Jen: The sleeve on his left arm!! If you’re a fan of tats definitely check it out. It was done by an authentic Japanese artist over many days, and it is beautiful. I have to also say the ‘77’ on his chest though, which I also have on my back!

John Mayer’s best haircut was _______.

Sarah: I really dig his Born and Raised era hair! That long hair + wide brim hat look was so great. BRING IT BACK!

Jen: I have to disagree with Sarah!! Probably in 2014 when he was in his full half hipster thing with the circle glasses. So good.

Other than playing guitar, John Mayer’s best feature/ability is _______.

Sarah: His humor! He is truly so funny and I feel like a lot of people do not know/appreciate that!

Jen: I agree with Sarah.

When I’m not listening to the otherworldly talents of John Mayer, you can catch me listening to _____, ______ or ______.

Sarah: Jeff Buckley, Grateful Dead, or Greta Van Fleet.

Jen: Maggie Rogers, Iron & Wine, Sam Smith, Snail Mail, and Milk & Bone (listen to them!!!). 



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