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Weird Campus: Bread Club

We’ve all been there. We’re walking through the expansive aisles of the grocery store trying to spend as little money as possible on delicious meals (ha, just kidding, we mean 40 cups of ramen) and then you make it to the glorious, beautiful and altogether stunning bakery department. Breads on breads on breads expand as far as the eye can see. White, wheat, whole grain, organic, rye, bread bowls and many more varieties of the high-fiber food staple adorn shelves that seem to go for miles, begging you to pick something other than the loaf of Kroger-brand white bread that costs 89 cents.

Okay, maybe you don’t experience the bread aisle that way, but you don’t have to. However, there are a few loafers here at Ohio State who are so enamored by bread that they went and made a club about it. Here is your introduction to Ohio State’s very own Bread Club, in the words of club president Matt Charleston himself.

So, your club is called Bread Club, and your purpose statement says “The Bread Club at OSU is a social and culinary organization that promotes bread-related baking and friendship among its members.” How many total members are there? 

Our meetings usually average about 15 to 20 attendees. Although a fair few just loaf around the whole time.

If anyone is interested in joining, meetings are held in the RPAC demo kitchen each Tuesday at 6:30. 

Email [email protected] for more info.

And, of those members, how many are ~experienced bread-bakers~? How many are there just to eat some delicious bread?

Although several members are in culinary-related majors, the majority are in the stem fields! Bread club is mostly about making friends and eating food.

Are there any types of bread that are generally looked down upon by the bread club? What about you specifically, what’s your least favorite kind of bread?

We encourage submissions from our members and like to try a variety of recipes! Cornbread, Lemon Bread, Zucchini Bread, Carrot Cake, are all things we’ve made. Honestly the biggest argument is where to draw the line on something that isn’t bread. The great cheesecake meeting of ’84 was truly a dividing moment for our club. But we’ve put aside our differences to break bread together.

What’s your favorite type of bread? Personally, I’m a fan of sourdough.

Usually we stick to faster bread recipes and don’t have time to wait the 4-5 hours required to make something like a sourdough. This year our favorites have been pizza rolls and banana bread muffins. We’re fans of sourdough too! In fact, our club was initially chartered as “The Sourdough Society”

Everybody loves sandwiches. Which part is more important: the bread or what goes inside it and why?

Unfortunately sandwiches don’t fall under our jurisdiction in Bread Club, being an unbaked entity containing bread and not a bread in itself.

That being said a good sandwich would be nothing without a solid foundation. I mean can you imagine a Rueben on wheat!? disgraceful.

The best selection of bread at a restaurant near campus is found at __________.

We of the bread club are sworn to secrecy about our exclusive knowledge of the best bread restaurants around campus. Only our members are provided with our top secret maps. We can say this — definitely not the Scott Traditions french toast.

Rank these breads: ciabatta, rye, banana, brioche, focaccia, sourdough, pretzel.

We really wouldn’t want to get anyone Ryeled up by picking favorites.

And, since we’re talking about bread, give me your honest opinions on toast. 

We’ve conducted many experiments to determine the optimum number of times to cook bread. The answer usually seems to land between one and two. However for awhile we thought we were really onto something with 0.5 and 7. Alas it seems despite our efforts we really cant improve on toast. We promise to keep trying.


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