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Going to the Penn State vs Ohio State game as a Penn State fan

When somebody said, “O-H” I always called back, “I-O” it’s a typical gesture among Ohio State fans or students. I’ve been saying for longer than I can remember. However on Saturday as I walked up Lane Avenue towards High Street a woman looked at me and said, “we are” I called back, “Penn State.”

On Saturday I acted as Penn State fan to see how I would be treated by Ohio State fans during the biggest game of the season. I would only cheer for Penn State. I walked into the Ohio Stadium with a dark blue Penn State shirt. I also wore a jacket that could not handle the weather, but it was blue.

First Half

I found my seat in which was conveniently close to Block “O” South. In the sea of the blackout, I only saw two other Penn State fans near me. A few moments later, Penn State running back Saquon Barkley was returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown and I was the loudmouth in a silent stadium. Apparently, the girls behind me didn’t find my celebration very entertaining so they decided to block my view with gray OSU towels.

After Penn State jumped out to a 14-0 lead, the heckling began. Two guys found their seats in front of me and decided it was time to begin the shit talking. I was promptly told that Penn State “ain’t shit.” At that time, all I had to do was smile and watch the game; they were up 14-0. Although, not everyone made jokes. Some people just straight up flipped me off.

And as it always goes in sports, when your team isn’t winning, you blame the refs.

The crowd’s boo’s at the referees were the only thing I could hear at times. One fan to my right was irate with the officials, and apparently, I had everything to do with it. After a questionable call was made, the irate fan shot me a look asking how much Penn State paid the refs coupled with a pleasant “fuck you!”

He would later apologize at the half and said his emotions had got the better of him. I responded by saying “it’s all good.” Even though our beef was settled, his beef with the refs truly never ended.

Second Half

In the third quarter a fan knuckle-touches me. He was wearing a black coat, with a grey beanie. He said “You’re the second coolest Penn State fan I know… You’ve got balls for standing here.”  I’ve done nothing but cheer for Penn State and smile at the insults that people would give me; smiling because of Penn State’s lead.

When Tracey Mcsorley overthrew Juwan Johnson on on fourth and fifteen, the stadium cheered louder than I’ve ever heard before. I could feel the bleachers moving under my feet as people bounced up and down. There I stood with a straight face as an OSU fan turned around and punched me in the chest. The punch wasn’t forceful or harmful, just a playful tap on my chest as he complimented the legitimacy of Penn State.

I quickly made my way to the exit as fans poured onto the field. A man standing on the bleachers looked at me and said, “Penn State is a hell of a team.” The guy standing next to him said the same thing. It felt like the end of “Rocky,” my team lost, but somehow I was more respected.

I kept a stone face as I walked past everyone rushing to get on the field. But as soon as I got home, I ripped off my Penn State shirt and stone faced and began the celebration. After all, did you see that game?!

Ethan Clewell

Ethan Clewell


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