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Twitter Reacts To Buckeyes Big Win Over Purdue

After the basketball Buckeyes took down No. 3 ranked Purdue in West Lafayette, fans took to Twitter to showcase their excitement. We can’t blame them either. After Keita Bates-Diop tipped in the go-ahead bucket with 2 seconds left, you just knew Buckeye nation would be in full force celebration.

Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter we could find!

I mean the basketball team did beat the No. 1 ranked team and No. 3 ranked team in the same season… *mic drop*

Former Buckeye legend Evan Turner wasn’t surprised by the big W.

Are we the only ones who read this tweet in Dick Vital’s voice?

Sometimes a big win brings out the sentimental side in all of us.

And damn does it feel good.

Just take things slow and be there for them in the bad times.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff



The Giveaway

The redhead in the Michigan State sweatshirt I sat across from in Thompson today (2/14). If you don’t already have one, I’d love to be your Valentine.

I hate the people that loudly chew their food or smack their gum in the middle of class, I literally hope you get a terrible sunburn, a million paper cuts, and then dunked in a pool of lemon juice

Where are all the cute redheads at?

NOT people who open containers of tree nuts in open places. Seriously, people are DEATHLY allergic to them. Not just if they eat them, but also if they have contact with their oils or she’ll them. If your hungry, open a bag of potato chips. Don’t put a whole population at risk.

The hot redhead chick from the Wendy’s commercials a few years ago

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