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Taste the world without leaving the city.

So your friends are backpacking around Europe, your parents are vacationing in Mexico, and you’re stuck on campus taking summer classes. If this sounds like you, then it can easily feel like your summer is already on track to suck, but we are here to tell you that just because you’re stuck in Columbus for the next three months doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy food from around the world. We’ve booked your flights and taken care of your passport; it’s time you checked out some of these phenomenal food trucks with authentic food you don’t have to travel across the world to eat.


Ninja Bowl

It may seem like the words “food truck” and “fresh” are impossible to use in the same sentence, but fresh is what the Asian food truck scene is all about. Ninja Bowl and Hai Poke serve Japanese inspired meals with the same quality and freshness that you might find at sushi bar in Japan. Ninja Bowl offers Japanese street food with a rotating and seasonal menu. They recommend any first-timer tries their signature Teriyaki bowl. Hai Poke’s success as a food truck serving sushi-grade seafood is even what landed them a permanent location in the Short North, so don’t just take our word for it. Columbus has chosen them as a favorite, and they deserve to be a stop on your trek around the world this Summer.

Want more Asian cuisine? Check out: Hibachi Run, Aromaku, Ajumama


Sohpies Pierogies | Photo by Nathan Ward

Europe has more cultures, signature dishes, and respective food trucks than we can highlight in such a small space, but we want to make sure you stop at just a few of our absolute favorites. Pitabilities sticks out among the sea of Greek restaurants and gyro shops for its incredibly fresh and delicious Mediterranean. These made to order gyros and salads will immediately redeem their cheesy name. Sophie’s Gourmet Pierogies blends a Polish classic with some American twists without losing any of the country’s authenticity. Frequently stopping at a number of breweries around the city, we can testify that few things are better than a pile of pierogies and a tall glass of beer.

Want more European cuisine? Check out: Schmidt’s, A Cut Above, Blu Olive


Los Guacho

The taco scene may currently be dominated by the ever-growing number of Condados that are invading Columbus, but we believe the best Mexican food can be found in the locally owned food trucks that deliver quality and authentic food for an amazing price. Los Guachos is a food truck that has won so many awards that it couldn’t help but open a permanent shop on Bethel Road, but their food truck is still just as active and their pastor tacos can’t be beat. Dos Hermanos is another tried and true food truck that will dish out more food than you know what to do with (we recommend you eat it). Columbus clearly has the taco fever and these contenders will not disappoint.

Want more Mexican cuisine? Check out: Taquitos, El Sabor, The Burrito Bus


Ray Ray’s Hog Pit | Photo by Collins Laatsch

We live in a golden age where you no longer have to go to down south to get some of the best barbeque out there. Ray Ray’s Hog Pit can contend with any southern smokehouse and we feel pretty strongly that you can’t die happy until you’ve had a rack of their ribs. Barbeque isn’t the only claim to fame American cuisine has to offer, so if you stumble across Angry Wieners while hitting up some High St. bars, then grab yourself a good ol’ American chili dog and fries and worry about your diet later.

Want more American cuisine? Check out: Barley 31, Cousin Maine Lobster, Kenny’s Meat Wagon, Rolling Soul

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