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The Top 5: Tips For A (Physically) Healthy Relationship

Cook Meals Together: Sometimes the healthiest option for a date is to stay at home and prepare a meal together. If it turns out great, you look like a genius. If it turns out horribly, it’s a funny story.

Stay Accountable to Going to the Gym: Sometimes getting off the couch can be hard, but having someone you care about holding you to your goals can make getting to the gym much easier.

Go to Sleep!: You certainly don’t need to be told how great sleep is, so putting your phone away just an hour earlier can lead to feeling loads better the next day. And yes, s/he will still Snap you back in the morning.

Watch What You Drink: When weekends are almost synonymous with trips to the bars, it’s hard to pay attention to what you and your partner are drinking. However, many drinks such as beer can be loaded with unwanted calories that add up over the course of a night.

Plan Active Dates: This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the Netflix and chill dating mindset. Binge watching “Stranger Things” can be fun, but heading to a park for a walk, ice skating, or playing sports together can be fun while mentally relaxing.

Greg Berrigan


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