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Top 10 Things You Could Buy With Our $1,500 Cash Prize

Winning some cash has never been so easy.

For the May issue of 1870 Magazine, we want to crown the champions of campus for being the cream of the crop. We’re talking the best eateries serving up hot and delicious pizza, the bars that you want to close down any night of the week, and the organizations on campus who deserve a shout out for all that they do. This special issue will be curated by you, for you and it’s all thanks to the #BestOf1870 survey we are hosting for the month of April.

We’ll release the results of the survey in the beginning of May, but beforehand, we need some help from you guys so we can ensure we are crowning only the best of the best this year. If you fill out our #BestOf1870 survey, you will be entered in to win $1,500 cash courtesy of The Wellington! Rub your eye balls, clean your glasses, or take a deep breath because you read that correctly: $1,500 CASH.

The adult thing we could do here is encourage you to use your cash prize responsibly and hope that you make the most of it in the best ways possible. But we’re 1870, and responsible spending habits isn’t exactly in our genes. Here’s 10 things that we’d do with $1,500 in cash.

10.) Buy 30 JUUL Pens

A JUUL Pen is going for $49.99 on their website and it’s free shipping so if you do the math, you could be the proud owner of 30 JUUL Pens just by taking this survey. What would you do with 30 JUUL Pens? We don’t exactly know either, but we do know you’d be the most popular person on campus amongst all the freshmen.

9.) Buy “BitCoins For Dummies” and invest the rest into BitCoins

After a few months of mining BitCoins and missing class because your obsession with cryptocurrency over takes your entire life, your $1,488.01 (“BitCoins For Dummies” is $11.99 on Amazon) could transform into $1,499.04!

8.) Pay off that parking ticket

With $1,500 cash, you should be able to pay off most of that CampusParc fine AND use the left over money to grab a burger off the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

7.) Make a scaled replication of the Tom W. Davis Clocktower out of popsicle sticks and hot glue

This also doubles as a chance to launch your own Etsy site.

6.) Buy a shit ton of V-Bucks on Fortnite

The 10,000 + a bonus 3.500 V-Bucks bundle on Fortnite costs $99.99 which means you could buy roughly 15 bundles leaving you with a grand total of 202,530 V-Bucks. You’ll never go without a skin, backpack, emote, or anything else ever again.

5.) Make it rain at the strip club

“Uh, yes, excuse me, cashier. I’d like to get this $1,500 in singles. Thanks, and do hurry.”

4.) Blow it all in Vegas

Maybe you shouldn’t have put it all on red at the roulette table, but you like to live dangerously and we respect that.

3.) Throw a rager and pay someone to clean up afterwards

We’ve suggested some dumb shit on this list, but this is actually a solid idea.

2.) Spend it all on scratch off lottery tickets

Your $1,500 could be millions if you win! (Or you could come away with nothing, but it’s all about the experience of playing, right?)

1.) Buy an inflatable hot tub for your living room

You know what’s better than having furniture in your house? A hot tub.

Have you taken the survey yet?! What are you waiting for?! Click here to go to the survey! 

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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