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Time To Change

From students to young professionals, here’s what the new batch of Buckeye grads are doing after college.

The dreaded question is coming now that you’ve graduated: what’s next?

The truth is, that question sucks. But here’s what they don’t want you to know: you don’t have to have a plan right now. And if you do have a plan for post-graduation, good for you! Either way, we wanted to make sure that all graduating seniors don’t have to feel alone. Starting a job can be just as scary as not having one. Whether you are preparing to fly to a new state for a new job or just hoping for a call back for an interview, here’s what graduating Buckeyes are getting into with their post-grad life.

Anna Berlon is still looking at job offers, but she shared some advice about how she went through the job search.

It helps that I have a strong family foundation and two older sisters who went through the same process (10 years ago though haha)…One thing that has helped is getting my resume and generic cover letter done early, that way I only have to fine tune it and make it more specific for each job. I then had numerous people proofread it. My next step was actually my boyfriend’s idea. We’re creating three “bubbles” in order to organize our personal needs and wants. The first bubble is just what I personally want to do/be in the next couple months-10 years. The second bubble is what I want, but adding in family as a factor (such as if I want to live nearby, if I have a family in the future, etc.) And the final bubble is what I want, but adding in family and my boyfriend. This helps me prioritize my thoughts because sometimes we tend to get hung up on what society tells us what we think we would want after graduation, or sometimes we are worried about how our actions affect other people. This is just an organizer to use to help separate what I want versus other people want and try to see if there are any similarities between the lists.

Sydney Rubin will be graduating with a degree in public affairs and is looking forward to finding a full-time position without the stress of class.

After graduation, I will continue my part time internship with Columbus Recreation and Parks Department in addition to my student services desk position at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs. While working part time, I’ll be able to really research full time positions without the pressure of classes on top of it. Although it would have been nice for me to graduate with a full time position lined up, I think that this gap period will allow me to really reflect on what I want to pursue!


Adam Adams-Grooms will be receiving his Master of Public Administration this winter, and he doesn’t plan on sticking around in Ohio.

I’ll be getting my Master of Public Administration and hopefully moving to either DC or Europe to pursue some careers in international policy!

Sarah Cline will be graduating with a degree in speech and hearing science with plans for graduate school in the future.

I’ll be a speech therapist if all goes as planned! I have to go to grad school for two years to get a masters in speech-language pathology, and I’ll have the option of working in schools, hospitals, private practices, and so many other areas. I’m taking a gap year so I’m hoping to apply for jobs after finals when I have more time, and start full time at the end of January. I figure I would enjoy a job in a preschool because I love working with kids, or I could also be a receptionist in a medical environment to expose myself to medical experience. If all else fails, I can always be a server at a fancy restaurant to save up money.

Alyssa Strumbly will be receiving her degree in strategic communications as well as a double minor in professional writing and fashion retail studies. She’s hoping her path will take her into the fashion industry.

I am open to a lot of different options. I have had experience working in marketing, journalism and writing, and retail. I think PR (public relations) seems like something I would be interested in. I try not to plan too hard, just living life one day at a time. Overall, whatever I end up doing, I hope it has some connection to fashion or the fashion industry. My two dream jobs would be either a travel journalist, kind of Anthony Bourdain (RIP) adjacent, or a creative director similar to Virgil Abloh.

Feature illustration by Ryan Caskey.

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