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The Thirst Page: The December Edition

Thank God it’s December already. And while you’re certainly not excited about exams, winter break is only a few weeks away. The holidays can be a ton of fun and much needed time with your family, but they can also take a toll on your wallet. How in the world are you supposed to buy gifts for everyone and still have enough money to treat your special someone to a date night they deserve? Well, hopefully, this December date night won’t break the bank and will leave you some extra cash for that gift you’ve had in mind for your partner.

Where to Eat: The Pearl
I know what you’re thinking: How in the world is eating at a Cameron Mitchell restaurant going to save me money? Well, little-known fact, Mitchell’s restaurants offer some of the best happy hour deals in Columbus. Every weekday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., The Pearl offers half price on nearly their entire menu (including the bar). You won’t have to be secretly adding up your date’s meal and texting mom and dad to covertly wire you some money; everything is totally affordable. So sit back, drink an Old Fashioned, and pretend for just a moment the rest of your life isn’t falling apart.

Where to Hang: The Columbus Wildlights
Yeah, it may sound a bit cheesy, and if you grew up in Columbus then you probably have at least one memory of crying because your mom wouldn’t let you see the bonobos (Seriously, Mom, what the hell?). But don’t let your past tantrums cause you to forget that the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is consistently listed as one of the top ten zoos in the country each year. If you or your date have never been to check out their holiday display then make arrangements ASAP. With over three million lights and over 9,000 animals, the Wildlights is an excellent stop for any chilly December date.

Where to Drink: 16-Bit Bar + Arcade
Each month, I try to offer a place to grab a drink that brings a bit more to the table than sticky floors and loud music, and it’s about time I suggest one of my personal favorites. For those who haven’t been, 16-Bit Bar + Arcade is exactly what the name suggests: a bar with over two dozen specialty cocktails and an arcade with 40+ retro style games in their original machines—all completely free when you’re drinking. Fellas, you finally have the chance to perform that fatality you perfected on Sega in the 2nd grade. And ladies, there are few things more humbling for a man than whooping him at Mario Kart on the N64. 16-Bit Bar + Arcade will never be boring.


5 Types of Holiday Gifts You Should Never Give

  1.  The All About Me Gift
    • Avoid the gift that simply says, “Look how much money I can spend!” These gifts can easily come off as shallow and inconsiderate. If you’re the type of person leaning towards this than I’m sure you already draw enough attention to yourself. Keep looking for something truly thoughtful.
  2. The Clear Regift
    • We’ve all gotten one. The shower set or scented candle that we immediately knew was meant for someone else. Nothing is worse than receiving a wrapped present that took no time to think of. It really is the thought that counts, so try thinking of not being cheap and buy your girlfriend or boyfriend a real gift.
  3. The Backhanded Gift
    • There’s nothing wrong with getting your special someone perfume or cologne for the holidays. Just be sure to mention it has nothing to do with the way they currently smell. The backhanded gift can do way more harm than good. Your boyfriend can buy his own acne medicine.
  4. The Non-Gift
    • This is an easy trap for guys to fall into, so listen up. No matter how many times your girlfriend mentions they need a new hair dryer when you’re at Target, she’s not asking for you to wrap one up. Sure, it might communicate to your partner that you’re listening, but you and I both know you’re taking the easy way out.
  5. The Passive-Aggressive Gift
    • The holidays are a time to celebrate and remind others how much you care about them, so leave your old grudges and arguments out of the wrapping paper. No matter whether you think it will be funny or you’re intentionally trying to open old wounds, taking a shot at someone with a gift will always end badly.

Greg Berrigan


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