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The Sounds Of A Campus Winter

A look into the next three months of music near campus.

The outdoor concert halls are closing up shop until warmer days roll back around, but that doesn’t mean the concert scene is going into hibernation. There’s plenty of big name superstars and popular local acts putting on shows the next few months, and here are the highlights.

1.12 G Herbo

Newport Music Hall | Price: $35

Swervo..Swervo…Swervo, this rapper will be at Newport this month. He has a grimey and quick flow that works well with his trap beats. With features on his songs from Chief Keef to YBN Nahmir, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be in for a rapper’s delight this night.

1.24 Party Favor | TRISM | Price: $15

There’s a reason Party Favor is named what it is: his music sounds like a damn party. The EDM sound is in your face, loud, and downright perfect for moshing. And what better place to enjoy all this than TRISM’s open dance floor?

1.25 Jesse McCartney| Newport Music Hall | Price: $28

Let this pop artist take you back to middle school at Newport this month. I know you still know all the words to “Beautiful Soul.” You don’t have to lie.

1.26 Ohio Winterfest featuring Juice WRLD and Kevin Gates | The Celeste Center | Price: Varies

Juice WRLD’s come up in the SoundCloud rap era has been filled with emo trap bangers and big name features from artists like Future. His solo album, Goodbye & Good Riddance, gave us hits like “Lucid Dreams,” while the other headliner, Kevin Gates, has turned out chart toppers like “I Don’t Get Tired,” or “2 Phones.” It should be a good mix of new wave emo trap hip hop and new school grimey rap.

2.2 4th. Ave. | A&R Music Bar | Price: $10

Under 21 and worried about getting in? Don’t worry; all the members of 4th Ave. haven’t even hit 20 yet. This boy band from LA mixes trap beats with pop and R&B creating catchy music.

2.7 Rainbow Kitten Surprise | Express Live | Price: $35

This band’s name does not match its sound, this band does an amazing job crossing the rock/folk genre. They rode some wild success last time in the city as they sold out the Newport, so this time they moved into some bigger space at Express Live.

2.12 Excision | Express Live | Price: $42.50

Excision makes headbanging electronic music and complements it with crazy visuals and graphics. Make sure you take an extra Advil after the show because odds are high you’ll have a headache and a sore neck. Fun Fact: the festival Lost Lands is presented by Excision.

2.13 Space Jesus | Skully’s Music-Diner | Price: $20 (+$10 for anyone under 21)

Space Jesus works more in the realm of dubstep than anything. While many of the artists on this list provide a high-energy show, Space Jesus is all about the chill vibes, man. Look out LoFi Hip-Hop Beats To Chill/Study/Relax To, there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s straight chillin’.

2.14 Bas | The Basement | Price: $19.50

Part one of the Dreamville rappers hitting the Bus in the month of love. Bas came onto the scene quietly and has quickly gained popularity with his songs like “Tribe” featuring J. Cole or “Boca Raton” featuring ASAP Ferg. His music has a good mix of upbeat and fun songs as well as conscious rap.

2.15 Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland | Express Live | Price: $45

This duo is teaming up for a show that will be a memorable one. At this point in time, both artists are EDM titans. Their style is very similar as it works more in the pop realm with vocals in the songs, plus they are known for really nice drops and pretty awesome visuals.

2.16 Anderson East | Newport Music Hall | Price: $20

Don’t confuse Anderson .Paak with Anderson East; they are two completely different artists. East’s voice is somewhere between Fergie and Jesus, and his music is somewhere between rock and R&B. Check out the artist whose song, “All In My Mind,” was recently nominated for a Grammy.

2.17 Donna Missal | A&R Music Bar | Price: $12

She can cross genres with ease that others cannot. She reminds me a little of Lana Del Rey with that power in her voice that reaches your soul. Plus, tickets are cheap as hell.

2.18 Dr. Dog | Newport Music Hall | Price: $25

Oh, Nellie! Has it really been 20 years since this band first started? This psychedelic rock band will be stopping by Newport to play from its newest album Critical Equation; the band’s first album in five years.


2.19 JID | Skully’s Music-Diner | Price: Varies (+$5 for 21 and under)

If there’s any rappers prime to hit a huge glow up in 2019, it’s JID. His newest album, DiCaprio 2, showcases his versatility as a rapper, singer, and how comical he can be with his word play. The Dreamville rapper has gained comparisons to Kendrick Lamar and it’s always a good thing to compared to one of the greats.

2.20 Brother’s Osborne | Express Live | Price: $34

This Country Music duo is on the rise after a successful second album Port Saint Joe, which came out back in April. Just make sure to rock a cowboy hat like lead guitarist, John Osborne.

2.20 G Jones | Skully’s Music-Diner | Price: $20

G Jones goes hard. This bass heavy EDM artist has shows that probably could be heard from miles away if it wasn’t under a roof. Don’t believe me? Stroll past Skully’s on this specific Wednesday evening and find out for yourself.

2.22 Luke Combs | The Schottenstein Center | Price: Varies

Yee’s will be haw’d at this show. Luke Combs is on his “Beer Never Broke My Heart Tour,” and although there isn’t an official announcement of a new album in 2019, Combs isn’t slowing down with making music with his latest hit “She Got The Best of Me.”

2.24 Travis Scott | The Schottenstein Center | Price: Varies

Coming off the hype of his latest album, Astroworld, Travis Scott is opening up a second leg of the tour and stopping off in Columbus. His futuristic trap wave vibes have set a standard for his contemporaries, and his shows are known for being absolutely insane. “It ain’t a mosh pit if there ain’t no injuries.”

3.1 Hippie Sabotage | The Bluestone | Price: $20

They are an EDM group and they have all the tell tale signs of a good show. There are some instruments used lived, specifically the guitar, and there’s a smoothness to their sound more than anything. Although their show is very high energy, it’s not as intense as some of the others on this list.

3.2 Vince Staples| Newport Music Hall | Price: $14

This man has got his own unique sort of style, he doesn’t really match what’s considered the mainstream of the industry right now, but it works for him. His songs include “Norf Norf”, “Blue Suede” and BagBak”. Opening up will be another unique rapper, JPEGmafia, at Newport Music Hall.

3.11 Mumford and Sons | Nationwide Arena | Price: Varies

After their most recent album, Delta, came out in November, Mumford and Sons are on the road. Their sound has moved away from folk to alternative rock, but I am sure their show will include their older work. I mean they can’t just not perform “I Will Wait”, right?!

3.19 Weezer and Pixies | The Schottenstein Center | Price: Varies

Back from their killer first tour together, these two make a second round of shows nobody’s going to forget. Weezer has changed their style over the years, and their show is a variety of their songs from “Island In The Sun” to “Say It Ain’t So,” and of course their cover of “Africa.” The Pixies might be one of the best bands to never have a traditional radio hit, but that hasn’t stopped them from climbing their way up the rock industries over the last 30+ years.

3.23 Jukebox the Ghost | Newport Music Hall | Price: $14

This tour follows after the indie pop band’s 2018 album Off To The Races which included the hit “Everybody’s Lonely” that will make you think about life and perspective. What’s a good concert without a few existential crises?

3.28 Zomboy| Newport Music Hall | Price: $25

The dead will be brought back to life with this show, Zomboy is a very intense style EDM. I recommend that if you go in, you go all in. Zomboy will possibly be tearing the roof off of Newport.

3.29 Dierks Bentley | Nationwide Arena | Price: Varies

Country music might get a bad rep, but Dierks Bentley makes some damn infectious country music. Songs like “Drunk On A Plane” and “Somewhere On A Beach” take you to a place of vacation, and with this concert coming in the middle of the semester, we’ll all be thinking about a place bright and sunny.

Ethan Clewell

Ethan Clewell


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