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The Big Ten: The Wildest Things You’ll See At TRAUMA’s Halloween Fetish Party

T’was the night before Halloween and all through the house, there were girls dressed in cop costumes that would be useless in fighting actual crime, booze soaking the floor, and frat duo Chad and Brad lobbing fun size chocolate bars into
the crowd.

Be honest, we all love it. Halloweek is the ideal time to get recklessly drunk and bring out the thigh-high boots you bought for this time specifically. That being said everything gets old eventually. I mean you can only watch The Conjuring so many times. Unless people start parading around campus as killer clowns again (uh-huh, remember that?), what’s left to keep the freaky meter in the green? We got somethin’ for ya.

A different kind of freaky, but hey, we’re not here to judge.

TRAUMA: Halloween Fetish Party is an annual bash that requires costumes, fantasy, and lots of freakaaayy people. TRAUMA features three nights of themed…festivities: Game Night, Monsters and Gods, and Time Warp. On the fence? Us too. That’s why we brought together the top things you’d peep this year—and now Emily from Chem can’t judge when you Google this in class, you kinky thing, you.

1. Skin

We’re not here to lie to you: there will be a lot, A Lot, A LOT of skin, nipple covers, g-strings, you get it. It’s a fetish fest, come on, expect it.

2. Aerial and Suspension

Heights freak you out? Feel weird about erotically twisting limbs? Too bad – you won’t be able to look away from aerial performers working it better completely suspended than I can with both feet on the ground. WARNING: Hanging from your skin tends to make one bleed, don’t be surprised if you spot some on the performers.

3. Burlesque

This is not Christina Aguilera, though performances from Electro Cult Circus and Mon Cherie Entertainment might leave
you singing.

4. Dance Performances

Imagine Bullwinkles, except no one is drunk, the lights are kind of on, there’s more skin than usual, and some people are dancing with fire. It’s pretty much just like Bulls.

5. Fetish shows

Watch the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show, which is exactly what it sounds like. Other performances including leashes, whips, feathers, and some other things I can’t bring myself to mention will be featured. Sorry in advance, mom.


6. Sex Ed

Consent is sexy, and House of Bacchus is gonna be sure you remember that. Get down and dirty in participation-based bondage and kink education, complete with consent workshop. Just remember, if it isn’t anything other than a “fuck yes,” it’s a “fuck no.”

7. Art

Bortmasphoto will be in attendance,
displaying and capturing photographs for your viewing pleasure. Why wouldn’t you want to capture the memory of your first bondage experience in a 5×7”? It could make for a great Happy Holidays card this
upcoming winter.

8. Body Painting

Fantastical Body Art will be returning to TRAUMA with their talent for making naked people appear less naked! Painted on corsets and exquisite fantasy makeup are to be expected.

9. Mood Music

DJ Push, DJ Ginsu, Zoo Trippin’, Lethal FX, Hybrid Moments, and beautyofmyland will all be in attendance, so you have something to bop too while learning how to properly drip wax on your partner.

10. Costumes

It’s a Halloween party, come to play or don’t come at all—costumes are required. Plus, a level of anonymity at a kink fest couldn’t be a bad thing! You never know who you could run into at this fetish party—maybe your English professor will be there? •

TRAUMA: Halloween Fetish Party kicks off on Oct. 25 to Oct. 27 at The Bluestone located on 583 E. Broad St. And if you plan on going, don’t be an asshole and take pictures on your cell phone of people here. This is a place of consent, and unwarranted photos are the exact opposite of the atmosphere being created here.

Samantha Ketter

Samantha Ketter


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