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The Big Ten: Fun Classes That Aren’t A Waste of Time

As an incoming freshman, it may seem like this would be the time to get some of those pesky GE requirements out of the way in order to save the fun for senior year. The truth is, classes only get harder, and outside stresses only grow stronger as college comes to an end. Freshman year is the perfect time to find something fun to take, and maybe even knock out some GE’s in the process. Here are 10 suggestions for classes that are fun, relatively easy, and allow you to learn something that’s actually valuable.

1.) ARTEDUC 2367.03: Criticizing Television

A class all about analyzing TV shows, what is there not to enjoy? But seriously, that is the vast majority of this class: watching TV, and discussing what the show is doing, and for a GE requirement, too. Get credit for understanding what you watch more, and in a very fun setting, as well.

2.) ASTRON 1101: Planets to Cosmos

A four-credit class for a GE, astronomy might not be everyone’s game, but for a lab credit and four credit hours, this is certainly not the toughest it can be. In fact, it’s quite easy, and the “lab” portion, while sometimes tough, involves sitting in the planetarium in Smith Lab for the first section of it, which is a total sight to behold. I highly recommend Todd Thompson for a professor as well, as he made the class much more interesting on the whole.

3.) ENGLISH 2264: Into to Pop Culture

Much like Criticizing Television, this class focuses on shows, but also movies and the occasional book, all looking at its impact on society as a whole. The homework is mostly watching things, the assignments are actually fun and creative, and the class is very easy as long as you talk once in a while, which is easy with how much discussion is in there. If you can get Alex Sterne, she was a great professor who made the class discussion easy, and gave students loads of area for creativity.

4.) ENR 2100: Intro to Environmental Science

Okay, this isn’t the most intellectually stimulating class I have ever been in. But, if you get professor Brian Lower like I did, this will certainly be a class worth taking. It fills out a GE requirement and there is more extra credit than you can imagine if you strictly show up to class, AND the exams are online, which made this a totally stress-free class from start to finish.

5.) FDSCTE 1120: Beer and Wine

This one may not be in the cards for you freshman year, you have to be 21 to join, but this class offers the knowledge that any alcohol connoisseur should have when moving forward into their adult lives. It’s only for one credit, but knowing the ins and outs of the drinking world is a beneficial tool to have, and can make you seem like the pretentious drinker at parties, for better or for worse.


6.)FDSCTE 1150: Caffeine Science

A class that is again for only one credit hour, and again, is about something fun. Caffeine Science shows you about, you guessed it, the sugars and the sweets and what their effects are on the body. This is another easy GPA booster, and, if Hershey’s and Kit-Kats are more your game, maybe try Chocolate Science instead.

7.) HISTART 2002: Western Art 2

This is a personal choice for me, as this class single handedly had me wanting to go to every art museum around. Western Art 2 focuses on the 1500s to now, and how art has shifted since then. The exams are mostly about memorization, so if that’s your game, I’d highly recommend this, as I had my eye opened to the masterful works of Picasso, Pollock and Monet more than ever before. Also, get Christian Kleinbub as your professor, as his passion got me through the class more than anything.

8.) KNSFHP 1141: Wall Climbing

A workout, a fun time, and a new hobby all in one, wall climbing is a great time and something that will surely be addicting in all the right ways. Best of all, you get belay certified by the end. Don’t know what that means? Take the course!

9.) MUSIC 2252: History of Rock ‘n’ Roll

Though it isn’t exactly just listening to Rolling Stones and The Beatles, this is a GE course that is certainly more entertaining than most. This is a great class for music lovers to learn a thing or two, and in some classes, you get credit for going to and reviewing a concert. Not the worst homework assignment to have while dealing with calculus and chemistry on the side.

10.) PHR 2367: Drug Use in American Culture

This GE looks to give great insight on something that is quite a major conversation on college campuses: drugs. Marijuana is a major focus here, but the class is about drug use on the whole, and all the positive and negative effects on them all. This is a class that isn’t just like your boring high school health class, as it brings drug use to a college setting.


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