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The Beat the Clock We Deserve A Day Spent at Fourth Street’s Tower Hour

Photos by Grant Jones

PICTURE IT: it’s a Friday afternoon, the sun is shining, and you don’t have afternoon classes because the scheduling gods have blessed your semester. You want to go grab a drink with your friends, but you’re obviously on a budget. Where can you go that you can find good deals, and a good time at two in the afternoon? You stare longingly at the Cavs jersey collecting dust in your closet and reminisce about simpler times. About Beat the Clock.

Ah, Beat the Clock. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? For the freshmen and sophomores reading this, Beat the Clock was a Friday afternoon deal at beloved campus bar The O Patio, or as you now know it, the giant Parks and Rec- esque pit located on 15th and High. Every Friday from 2 to 5 p.m, the joy and laughter of students with free afternoons, donning their unspoken uniform of whatever sports jersey was in their possession, could be heard practically across campus by all of those sitting through a drab 3 p.m. lecture. Ok, that’s dramatic, but it really was a good time. The deal was simple: Pitchers of beer were $2 at 2 p.m, $3 at 3 p.m, and so on (you get it, we’re all here getting degrees after all). We’ve been deprived for some time now, but fear not, Buckeyes! Beat the Clock is back! Except, it’s at Fourth Street Bar and Grill…and it’s called Tower Hour.

The deal is at its core, the same. However, there are some new twists so that Fourth Street can make it their own! Instead of pitchers, the feature is 128 oz. towers for you and a few friends to share. The choice of beer or liquor is up to you, but be prepared to cough up a few more dollars for liquor. The starting price for each tower at 2 p.m is $2 for beer, Natural Light specifically, and other brands will cost you a little more. It’s $5 for the mixed drink of your choice.

I decided to check it out myself (you know, for journalistic purposes), and was pretty overwhelmed with what I saw. The deal runs from 2 to 7 p.m, and as I strolled up at 4 p.m. one Friday afternoon, (afternoon class, the scheduling gods did not bless me) I found the place absolutely packed. Like, Wednesday night karaoke-level packed. Towers lined tables as far as the eye could see. I waited in line for a while, but finally managed to push my way up to the bar just to be told that they were sold out of towers for the time being.

I stared back at the bartender for a few seconds in disbelief. Can you imagine The O running out of pitchers? The horror. I looked around and saw how busy it was, and totally understood. After waiting around for maybe 20 minutes, my friends and I finally managed to get our hands on a tower, and the rest of the afternoon was smooth sailing. Just hanging out, splitting a tower, and reveling in the idea of the full weekend ahead of us. If you can manage to make it early enough to stake your claim of both a tower and a table, then I would highly recommend making the trek up to Fourth Street. This Beat The Clock 2.0 is like the Happy Hour version of a Disney live-action remake: some people are going to complain and say the original was better, and younger people probably don’t even know there was an older version to begin with, but if you give it a chance, it’ll surprise you. Then again, I could just be projecting my feelings about the upcoming Mulan remake not being a musical onto all of you.

Either way, drop that Friday class before the deadline, and go grab a drink to see for yourself! How can you get through four years of college if you never try four hours of Beat the Clock?

Delaney Appel

Delaney Appel


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