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The 2020 Sex Survey Results

Photos by Brian Kaiser

The weather’s getting colder, but we’re just heating up in 1870 land. For the past month we let campus get their hands on our sex survey, and after 1,217 responses, we finally have the results. See just how kinky, corny, and cute this campus body can get.

Take it Slow

39.2% Men
58.8% Women
1.5% Non-binary
< 1% Transgender & Other

79.3% Straight
11.9% Bisexual
5.4% Gay/Lesbian
2.3% Queer/Questioning
1% Other

Year in School
19% Freshmen
18.4% Sophomores
21.9% Juniors
28.2% Seniors
12.5% Graduate Students

Tell Me More

What type of birth control do you use?
The returning winner from last year is the condom, with 34% of the total vote. However, the classic pill still sweeps the hearts of 42% of women as their number one choice, even if 7% of those women are still virgins. (Here’s your regularly scheduled PSA that access to birth control is a women’s issue, not just a reproductive issue!) Despite living on the heated and horny battleground that is a college campus, 7.8% of responders practice abstinence.

Is regular sex important for a healthy relationship?
Overwhelmingly, students say “Yes!” with 81.3% of the vote. Turns out the non-binary population is a lot less shallow than the rest of you, with 44% saying it is and 55% saying it’s not that important. Let’s focus on more than sex when we’re in love, shall we?

Is foreplay necessary?
A meager 8.4% of students say it’s not, so it’s safe to say that everyone should preheat the oven before baking dessert.

Does size matter?
This one was CLOSE! 44.4% of responders say no, and 55.6% say yes. The good news is that we also polled people for their interest in sex toys, so if size isn’t on your side, perhaps a little extra cash in your wallet is.

How often do you watch porn or read erotic literature?
To no one’s surprise, only 3.5% of men claim they never watch porn or read erotic literature. 64.9% of them do anywhere between one and five times a week, while for women, less is more. 73.8% of them get kinky up to three times per week. All this to say that the stereotype is all but being broken: everyone turns themselves on.

Would you ever purchase a sex toy?
Every non-binary person we polled says they already have a sex toy or plan on getting one, and while 30.1% of men said they would never make the plastic purchase, only 10% of women think they could go their entire lives WITHOUT one. To that we say, why wait, women? 13.9% of campus already has one!

Would you ever have sex with an AI
sex toy?
With movies like Her and shows like Black Mirror on our screens everyday, time will only tell where sex can go from here. While about one-third of the non-binary and male responders would, 71.5% of women say they would never have sex with an artificially intelligent sex toy. Maybe it’s a still-standing sex toy, but as long as a human’s the one operating it, this is still the majority of pollers’ preference at 67.6%.

What is your biggest fear when it comes to love and sex?
of you fear the most life-changing ones of all: pregnancy and STDs/STIs. Funny how 8.7% of those who said they fear these DON’T USE ANY BIRTH CONTROL AT ALL. So. Funny. (And hey, don’t forget to gas up your partner – verbally – in the bedroom. 8.9% of y’all put the performance itself as your biggest fear when it comes to sex. Your body is beautiful!)

When did you lose your virginity?
Ohio State, you dirty dogs. 62.4% of you lost your virginity before coming to campus. 23.3% of you lost is between the ages of 19 and 25, making college questionably the better four years of your life. Not all of campus is kinky though; 12.3% of you are still virgins.

Can you consent to sex after drinking?
Jury’s still out on this one. For men and transgender responders, the answer broke down into almost perfect thirds for “Yes”, “No”, and “It Depends.” For women, 50% think drinking and doing the dirty is more complicated than a strictly yes or a no answer, and said it depends on other factors. This just goes to show that no one is confident on the “rules” of the bedroom, so always ask for consent and keep the conversation going along the way. Consent is not assumed, and it can change at any time, so make sure communication lines are clear and open.

Have you ever been involved in a threesome?
College is the time to experiment! That’s why 14.2% of you have claimed to have tried a threesome before. It’s not too late to lose the second virginity card though; 45% of women say they’d give it a whirl, and an even more eager 59.5% of men would. The next question we want to ask is who you’d do it with: strangers from Hinge or close friends?

How long do you wait to sleep with someone you’re dating?
The most popular answer here was one to two weeks (42%). Why wait at all? 23% of men and 21% of women say less than a week is enough time to tango.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
Women and non-binary students are the people to please in 2020 – 68.5% and 88% respectively have caught themselves faking an orgasm before. Maybe we just need to sign up for an anatomy class next semester, but we’re a little confused as to how 35.4% of men managed to fake an orgasm, no questions asked?

Can you date someone if the sex is bad, but the relationship is good?
Size may matter, but the good news is that 64.4% of all responders say YES, you can! There’s still about a third of students who think the sex has to be just as good as the relationship for it to stay alive, but if you can get through taking out sex survey, you can probably get through a conversation with your partner about your needs in bed.

How do you break-up with someone?
We’re a campus of real stand-up people – 88% of students say that breaking up should happen in-person, face-to-face, as opposed to ghosting, calling, or texting. (Although my bitter Twitter feed seems to claim that ghosting happens way more than 2.5% of the time.)

Talk Dirty To Me

What’s your favorite dating app?
To swipe, or to not swipe? That is the question. And if you’re asking students at Ohio State, most prefer to swipe away on Tinder. With that being said, there is also a large group of folks who simply prefer no dating apps at all!

What’s the most important quality to look for in a partner?
There are many similarities across the gender spectrum for important qualities in a partner. Of these results, we found communication, sense of humor, intelligence, and respect rank amongst the top.

What is your biggest turn-on?
While we found some crossover between the biggest turn-ons — confidence and intelligence to name a couple—there are also some differences. A big theme amongst responses from men showed a partner’s physical appearance stands as one of the biggest turn-ons. On the other hand, non- binary folks said they preferred physical touch such as neck kissing and biting.

What is your biggest turn-off?
If there’s one turn-off that stands above the rest, it’s arrogance and being overly aggressive. And in a close second comes poor hygiene such as bad breath or body odor. It’s 2020 and people still don’t have self-awareness, a toothbrush, or deodorant. Shaking our heads.

What’s something that surprisingly turned you on one time?
Men, women, and non-binary folks all noted being kissed or bit on the neck or ear as a surprising turn-on. Additionally, women said that some light choking can be a turn-on and a few men even said they had experimented with having their partner do some anal foreplay on them and really enjoyed it. Other highlights include spanking, subbing, and kissing after oral sex.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever fooled around?
Is there any spot on campus y’all won’t f*ck in? Seriously! We had responses ranging from The RPAC bathroom, a study room in Baker, the Drackett Towers bathroom, several frat house roofs, and even The Oval. Honorable mention to the person who f*cked in the closet of a YMCA.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve heard during sex?
“That I reminded them of their brother.” “This is just like that Monty Python movie!” “I have to take a shit.”
“My grandma crocheted this blanket.”
“Call me Dad. Not Daddy. Dad.”
“My cousin has a birthmark there too!”
“I bet you didn’t know you’d like getting your asshole blown on this much.”
“Welcome to PoundTown.”

What’s the best sex position?
When it comes to the preferred sex positions, the consensus is that doggy style is the way to go. Ironically enough, missionary is in close second, but this position is a little more hotly debated (see Worst Sex Position for more).

What’s the worst sex position?
Amid all the “there are no bad sex positions” responses, missionary and reverse cowgirl rose to the top of the worst. For women, reverse cowgirl edged out missionary for the worst, but more men said missionary is the worst. This just goes to show that what’s good for you might not be good for your partner.

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