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The 2019 Sex Survey Results

Valentine’s Day might be a ploy by Hallmark to sell more love cards throughout February, but that isn’t all it does. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, the question of “Will I be having sex?” will float to the front of your mind this month. And that’s okay. It’s time to talk about these thoughts. Like the great Kanye West said: “None of us would be here without cum.” Here’s to getting down, 1870 style.


Gender Breakdown1,232 Total Responses

  • Women: 56.8%
  • Men: 41.8%
  • Non-binary: 0.01%
  • Transgender: >0.01%

Sexual Orientation Breakdown

  • Heterosexual: 80.4%
  • Bisexual: 10.7%
  • Homosexual: 4.5%
  • Heteroflexible: 2.8%
  • Other: 1.6%

Gettin’ Down

Birth Control Breakdown

In less surprising news, 45.7% women prefer the pill. In more surprising news, 12.3% of men reported they or their significant other use the pill as a form of birth control! Condoms are the most used form of birth control for men and women with the combined responses hitting 38.4%. Then there’s the group who literally doesn’t fuck around as 7% said they practice abstinence.

Does Size Matter?

Sorry, fellas, 62.4% of responders said size does in fact matter. If it’s any consolation, of the total group who said size doesn’t matter, 57% were women.

Is Regular Sex Important To A Relationship?

Unanimously, the answer to this question is yes at 86.8% but, 14.6% of female reported it isn’t important and 12% of males said they felt the same.

How Often Do You Watch Porn?

While a sizeable amount responded they watch porn one to three times a week at 49.2%, a large amount at 28% said they never watch porn. We wonder if there’s any correlation with non-porn watchers and the 7% of responders who said they practice abstinence as a form of birth control.

Would You Ever Purchase A Sex Toy?

It seems like the taboo-like culture that surrounds sex toys is starting to die off as 68.5% of responders said they would purchase one, and 11.4% said they already own one. Good for ya’ll.

Is Foreplay Necessary?

Only 6.1% of our responses said that foreplay wasn’t necessary, so it’s safe to say foreplay is absolutely required.

What’s Your Biggest Fear When It Comes To Love And Sex?

This is an interesting one to look at through the lens of gender. While performance ranks as the least biggest fear when it comes to love and sex for females (7.1%), it more than doubles for men at 16.5%. While there are some differences, the biggest similarity is the fear of pregnancy at 53.2% and STDs/STIs at 22.2%.

Can You Consent To Sex After Drinking?

While a total of 21.4% responded that you cannot consent to sex after drinking, a larger portion at 45.7% said it depends. Let this be a reminder that alcohol impacts everyone differently and consent is always key.

Have You Ever Been Involved In A Threesome?

TREYWAY! While only 16.8% of responders have been in a threesome, 45.4% said they haven’t been in one, but they want to.

Can You Date Someone If The Sex Is Bad, But The Relationship Is Good?

Damn! Some of you are shallow…. Or maybe just realistic. While most people said yes you can date someone if the sex is bad, 35.7% said they would break it off.

When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

Now we see why they say the end of high school and college are the best times of your life: it’s when you probably lost your virginity! Of our responses, 49.4% said they lost their virginity between ages 16 and 18 while 20.5% said they lost their virginity between 19 and 21. The most impressive stat, though? The 12.2% of responders who are still virgins.

Have You Ever Faked An Orgasm?

As a surprise to no woman across the world, 73.3% of women responders said they have faked an orgasm in their life. What we are trying to figure out is how 31.6% of men responders were able to fake an orgasm.

How Do You Breakup With Someone?

Ghosting seemed to be at an all-time high not too long ago, but now only 2.3% of responders said they go the ghosting route to end a relationship. The most popular answer came in at 91% with most people saying the prefer to breakup in person. That’s awfully confrontational of you all.

Pillow Talk

What Is Your Biggest Turn On?

Neck kissing, talking dirty, confidence, passion, nice body/muscles

Honorable Mentions: Marxist feminism, slim thicc, promiscuity

What Is Your Biggest Turn Off?

Smoking cigs, rude, overconfident/cocky, bad hygiene/breath, fakeness

Honorable Mentions: Fart fetish, not voting, TTUN

What Is The Best Sex Position?

Missionary, cowgirl, 69, doggy style, sideways

Honorable Mentions: Forking, prone bone, quarterback, Spiderman

What Is The Worst Sex Position?

Shower sex, anal, reverse cowgirl, Eiffel Tower, overly aggressive doggy style

Honorable Mentions:Helicopter, jackhammer, rusty trumpet

Where’s The Most Interesting Place You’ve Fooled Around?

Thompson Library, COTA bus, Lincoln Tower Kitchen, her late grandma’s bed, Target fitting room

Honorable Mentions: The Shoe, The Oval, Lane Ave. parking garage

What’s The Weirdest Thing Someone Has Said To You During Sex?

“You’re hotter than my sister.” “Gird your LOINS!” “Did that stink?” “Sorry it’s so small…” “If you want to have a threesome, Bryan could join.”

DISCLAIMER:While talking about sex is sometimes comical and always important to opening a dialogue, we take this topic very seriously. If you are a victim or survivor of a sexual crime, please contact the Sexual Response Network of Central Ohio at 614-267-7020. As always, be safe out there.

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