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How To Tell Which Year Someone Is By Their Outfit Today

Seniors: Ain’t nobody got time for cold weather.

When the cold weather strikes and classes still proceed because Ohio State hates its students, it is the perfect time to figure out what grade level someone is in, simply by looking at their attire. This is a benefit not enjoyed in any other season as every grade level can wear leggings and/or pastel shorts. Conversely, the cold brings about the visual representation of the fuck it, oh shit never mind I’m an adult and then fuck it again scale, perfect for figuring out someone’s grade level. Here’s a cheat sheet going into today’s harsh weather.


-Forgot to bring winter clothes from home even though mom packed a separate bag just for this

-Wears shorts plus an OSU sweatshirt just bought from Barnes and Noble because cold

-Fuck it mentality but fragile bodies are suffering


-Understands that it’s cold now and has since brought every cute article of cold weather attire to campus

-Wears a l0ng, puffy coat down to ankles with cute outfit on underneath

-Absolutely wearing boots

-Has a hat and gloves but just for show. Leaves the two in the dorm in between classes.


-After waking up in their off-campus houses, sweating through the three layers of clothing they slept in because heating is expensive, they throw on a pair or jeans over their leggings, 2 sweatshirts, a winter coat and arctic tundra boots. They realize they hugely underestimated the walk to campus from their house and show up sweaty regardless of weather.


-Wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt

-That’s because they’re inside and have no intention of going to class in adverse weather conditions

Olivia Balcerzak

Olivia Balcerzak

why can't I put the entire lyrics of bohemian rhapsody in here


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