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Street Style: Throwin’ It Back To The 90’s

Y’all, spring has sprung in full force lately, from cold rainy days to the unexpected 70 and sunny afternoons. What does that mean for clothing exactly? It means you get the best of both worlds, rocking both winter and summer wear all in one season. For this month’s Street Style, we’re taking a dive into one of the hottest trends for spring and summer, and that’s throwing it back to the time of the Spice Girls, the Macarena, and Tamagotchis—the 90’s.

Now, most of us here at OSU are 90’s babies, yet we grew up in the 2000’s (hence the term millennials). Recently however, there has been a full fledged movement to recover some of those iconic 90’s looks that segwayed into the creativity of the early and late 2000’s. Within fashion, some of the best outfit combinations and eras of the present day come from this recycling of trends that have been dug up again.

Photo by Julian Foglietti.

As seen with this outfit, I chose to do a 90’s inspired look featuring characteristics that may not be exactly from the 90’s, but very much resemble the feeling and overall aesthetic of the time. This means bright and over-the-top colors, looser fitting clothes, and, of course, a fanny pack.

The light washed jeans look was a must in the 90’s and in 2018, they have made a comeback. Some clothing stores will try to get you to pay hundreds of dollars to replicate this look, but they didn’t get me. The dad looking jeans pictured here are actually thrifted vintage Levi jeans and the light wash and loose fit helps to make most of the aesthetic I’m going for.

Paired with the jeans is a tucked in vintage Arsenal Jersey, but any oversized jersey or vintage shirt would work for the look as well, especially if it’s tucked in—I don’t know why, but it just looks cooler to me. The 90’s look was all about bright colors and making a statement with your color choices so this Arsenal jersey worked for me. If you aren’t the jersey wearing type, check out some of the 90’s NBA Starter windbreakers.

My favorite part about this outfit hands down, has to be the cross-body fanny pack. I absolutely love that this trend has returned, with Gucci, Off-White, Supreme, Chanel, and a bunch of other major luxury and streetwear brands featuring them in their own collections. The one I’m wearing currently is from Urban Outfitters and is very affordable, The drastic differences in color actually make the bag easier to pair, especially if you already have clothes of at least one of the colors.

What’s a 90’s outfit that doesn’t pay a little homage to the grunge scene? That’s where my go-to Adidas Stan Smith Originals come into play. They are a little beaten up, but that just adds to the grungy vibe.

All in all, this has to be one of my favorite looks and favorite aesthetic to dress to, I mean after all, who doesn’t love the 90’s?!

Gabrielle Voris


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