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Street Style: Thrift Threads

Alright so last month, y’all voted and said Goodwill was your favorite thrift store, so I decided to take a little trip down there to see what I could find. The thing I love most about thrift stores is that you’ll never know what you are gonna find. They key is to go inside with an open mind and find ways to add cool pieces to your wardrobe. If you get good at it, not only will you look like a fashion guru, but you’ll save tons of money too!

Photo by Julian Foglietti.

This month’s outfit is almost all thrifted from Goodwill, everything except for the glasses and shoes. I will admit that ya boy hit the jackpot this time and left with some pretty cool threads. My favorite part of this outfit has to be this polo. The shirt is a custom Tommy Hilfiger polo with the insignia on the front, and the label “Tommy’s Jeans” written on the sleeve itself. This polo is great for the summer and it is perfectly on trend, especially with major stores such as Urban Outfitters bringing back older brands such as Champion, Fila, and most recently Tommy Hilfiger. A shirt like this would normally cost anywhere from $50-$100, yet I was able to cop this for literally three bucks.

Paired with the polo are these skinny ripped shorts that came frayed at the bottom and I choose to roll them up once to match a lot of the shorts that are in season at the moment. Though I saved a few bucks on the shirt, I splurged and got the $4.99 jean shorts. Treat yourself, right? The overall look I was going for, was kind of like a vintage “American teen in summer” vibe and these socks and Converse really added to that feeling. Plus the oversized nature of the polo really add to the carefree and cool feeling that summer tends to give us.

Goodwill truly provided me the tools to be able to flex this month and I’m not mad about that. So as a reminder, never sleep on thrift shops!! They’re hidden treasure chests with lots of clothing gems just waiting to be found. Not only is it good for the environment to buy repurposed or used clothing, but it also saves you a ton of money if you’re a student like me with a bank account that is as disappointing as Kanye’s political views.

Eyon Ertachew

Eyon Ertachew


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