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Street Style: Flexin’ on Your Ex

Alright guys, here comes that time of year again.

Love is in the air this month, people are scrambling to find a bae, and Twitter becomes an all out battleground for who has the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts.
But, for the rest of us who are baeless on Valentine’s Day, this gives us the chance to flex on all your exes from the past. A moment to really show they what they are missing out on.

Shop Away The Feels

Sometimes, after a bad breakup or when you’re just feeling lonely, the best way to replace those feelings are with some much needed retail therapy. What better way to show your ex that you still got it than showing out with some brand new threads!? A whole new outfit can make a huge difference in not only your mood and look, but also it will help land you that next person or date you need to move on from the last.

My go-to is to always achieve the casual but polished look—nothing looks more suave than making it look as if an outfit you put together is effortless. Long coats are great for layering and adding a clean, polished, and edgy look and that’s exactly what I’m after. For me, it’s an easy choice. I went with my long coat from Topman because not only is it trendy, putting together an outfit with it is truly effortless. You can dress it up with a nice collared shirt or play it casual with a hoodie; either way, you are sure to turn a few heads.

You can make any outfit a look with a coat like this, and even if it isn’t to impress anyone, there’s nothing wrong with looking good and rewarding yourself some self-esteem points.

Flexing On IG

One of the best ways to flex on your ex is to up your social media game. Let’s face it, social media is all about imaging and how you present yourself. Why not present the best of yourself with a kick-ass outfit and an amazing picture that captures that outfit? I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely get a confidence boost whenever a good picture is taken of me.

Now, the key to flexing is to look unbothered in the picture and this works best with off-guard and candid pictures. Sometimes an off-guard picture of you laughing or a candid picture of you turning away from the camera shows that you’re enjoying and living life, or couldn’t be bothered to care about things that don’t matter anymore (a.k.a. your ex). Post that on your social media and as the likes come in, you’ll be satisfied knowing that if your ex is stalking your accounts, they’ll see that you’re living life and enjoying it without them (hopefully it’s actually true). You’ll know you truly are living your best life when one of your exes happens to like your flex picture.

At the end of the day, relationships are tricky, especially getting over them once one ends. There aren’t any end-all solutions to heartbreaks, but taking a few steps to treat yourself and boost your own confidence will help you in the long run. The best thing to do is to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and understanding your needs. It’s ok to still have a lot of love for someone you used to care about, but it doesn’t hurt to flex on them just a little. Or a lot.

Written by Eyon Ertachew


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