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Lime Scooters Land On Campus

You’ve probably noticed the bunches of bikes and scooters scattered all around Columbus (and probably other cities, too), but you might have noticed that Lime scooters are missing from campus. However, if you love being able to grab a scooter and go, you should be happy with this news: per The Lantern, Lime has unveiled scooters to be used on campus.


The company Lime announced Monday morning that it will be rolling out its rental scooters on Ohio State’s main campus.

“Lime is thrilled to bring multimodal mobility options to The Ohio State University as an expansion of our operations in Central Ohio,”  Lime’s Operation Manager for Columbus Kyle Bivenour said in a press release. “We believe that students will greatly benefit from fast, affordable, and convenient options of getting around campus while reducing the university’s carbon footprint.”

Lime and its competitor Bird brought electric scooter rentals to Columbus at the end of July and they have been a strong presence since then up and down High Street.

These scooters are a huge convenience when you have to go sorta kinda far and want to get there quickly. Woke up late for class? Scooter will save you 5 minutes, and you don’t even need to find a rack like you would for a bike. Need a ride to the bar but don’t want to pay for an Uber? Scooter is probably cheaper! (Just be careful riding home if you’ve been drinking). It’s as simple as going to your app store, downloading Lime and following the directions printed on every scooter and on the app.

The thing I’m really excited about, though, is to see a bunch of fellow students who have no fear and will take these and try to drift them around corners or, when winter comes around, power slide across frozen Mirror Lake. Don’t let me down.

Photo courtesy of Zach Varda/The Lantern.



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