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Staycations In The City: Grand Times In Grandview

Get to know our not-so-distant neighbor.

If you’re too old for campus, too nice for Upper Arlington and too welcoming for the Short North, Grandview is the perfect spot for you. As a relatively small suburb, the majority of what encompasses “Grandview” lies on Grandview Avenue as well as Fifth and Third avenue intersecting it. The rest of the magic of Grandview rests in those that inhabit it who seem to constantly keep each area booming with local businesses, random festivals and friendly faces.

Starting your day in Grandview means finding a central location, and Stauf’s Coffee Roasters is where I like to start my adventure. Maybe it’s because I work as a barista there. Maybe I’m biased. Or maybe it’s the 40+ pourover and tea options, cold brew and espresso, quick-for-a-hipster-place lattes, homemade pastries and, the cutest big/little coffee shop to show your friends you’re cultured, but still trendy. But if you’re looking for that “at home” feel, DK Diner is the place for you. The famous donut sandy is an egg sandwich made on a glazed donut, the homefries are the shit, the food is reasonably priced , and the strainers used for lampshades as well as serve-yourself-coffee in personal mugs gives you exactly what you’re looking for.

Somewhere in the mix of typical movie theaters, drive-ins, that one theater with reclining chairs in Dublin, and at-home theaters lays the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse. Before entering the theater itself, you can already tell what the vibe will be. The traditional-style sign advocating all 40 beers on tap paired with the sheek bar layout with wood walls and ceilings on the inside as it contrasts the candy and popcorn in the showcase below let you know this is a real adult theater. Best of all, GT&D serves pizza and (did I mention?) reasonably priced draft beer.

The Grandview Shopping Center also offers plenty to do. Wanna buy some jewelry you probably don’t need? Red Giraffe Designs can hook you up with some new jewelry with handmade designs that can be custom ordered in the store, plus the two for $10 deal on rings is a steal. Looking to grab some tacos—sober or drunk? Local Cantina is open until 2:30 a.m. so you already know your drunk ass loves that place. Speaking of late night eats, Big Mama’s is in the area and they are the Mexican equivalent to PJ’s on campus. Meaning it’s loaded up with a bunch of extra shit and it taste great at 3 a.m.

Beyond just the late night bites and drunken food, Grandview hosts Sweet Carrot and it’s a great option for lunch. When you think barbeque many of you think of your one fat uncle who brings his own bib to any family event involving ribs and spits sauce in your face while he talks— Korean barbeque is much different. Whether you get the corn-cake pancake, fried artichoke, chicken meatballs, or soup you will not leave feeling greasy and 1,000 pounds heavier like you do at a typical barbeque. Round out your day of dining in Grandview by making a reservation at La Tavola. Be sure to make a reservation because, while the place is small, it is constantly packed with people eager to try the gnocchi, pasta and large chunks of meat weirdly eloquently placed in the center of the plate. Another positive is that, since the place is so small, you feel like you’re almost friends with the staff, even though they are very formal and don’t try to initiate any sort of friendship with you back.

And of course, the real reason anyone our age decides to go to anywhere new: to check out the nightlife. Grandview does nightlife differently, so don’t expect your typical night out on High St. when you come here. Boujee drinkers will want to go to Watershed for it’s chic and secluded vibes. It’s a little expensive, but I recommend taking your parents. It’s an alcoholics way of apologizing for playing Edward Forty-hands at the last family gathering (plus free drinks). On the other hand, if your speed is more towards the Short North, Grandview Cafe is where you should be hanging out. If you have friends, the upstairs portion is a great space for you and your crowd to lounge and mingle. If you don’t have friends, the outside patio on the first floor is crowded enough to force people to deal with you for the night. As for the rest of us scrapping quarters together from underneath our car seats, Woodland’s Backyard is the spot. All the way down Grandview towards the highway you will find a gas station. And then behind that gas station you will find Woodland’s Backyard which is basically like a playground for adults who like to drink. Of course there is an inside that offers beer on-tap and other not beer drinks, but outside you will find an outdoor bar and several sand volleyball courts. If you aren’t a big fan of sand or volleyball or sand volleyball—no problem! You can do something more fun like play mini bowling in, or drink more alcohol.


The Grand Times Keep Rolling

7.21 Twister at the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse

Sure it’s a terribly made movie, and sure the plot sucks, but that’s why it’s fun! You can take a stab at watching this movie sober, but it’s not recommended. Smoke a bowl, beer bong some wine, or sip on a beer in the lobby—whatever your vice, just be in your seat by 11 p.m. for this late night screening.

The Grandview Hop

Every last Saturday of the month in the summer, Grandview holds their own version of Gallery Hop complete with live music as well as local food and art. July’s installment brings in food trucks like the Columbus newcomer Cousins Maine Lobster in addition to Put It In Your Face Sandwich, Pitabilities, Moose Mobile Kitchen, and Explorers Club. But most importantly? The beer garden is located on Second Avenue off Grandview Avenue.

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Olivia Balcerzak

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