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The Fourth of July is awesome at any age. When you’re a kid, there’s nothing more fun than watching fireworks and swindling your parents to buy one of those overpriced light-up toys at the show. When you’re in college, there’s nothing more fun to take a break from your summer classes or job to drink all day and maybe rally to watch some fireworks. But once that single day in July moves on, those patriotic vibes are still floating in the air. I mean, who can resist a can of Natty Light with the American flag on it and not want to start day drinking?

Whether it’s the Fourth of July, the second week of July, or just some random Thursday afternoon, here’s some drinking games that would make our forefathers proud.

American Flag Beer Pong

If you’re looking to play something basic like beer pong, it’s crucial to spruce it up in order to honor America’s big day. Instead of arranging the cups in a very unpatriotic pyramid, arrange them like an American flag:

Row 1:  Three blue cups, followed by four red cups

Row 2:  Three blue cups, followed by four white cups

Row 3:  Three blue cups, followed by four red cups

Row 4:  All white cups

Row 5: All red cups

The game should be played like traditional beer bong, with the only rule variation being no re-racks.

Snap, Crackle, Drink

Fireworks and alcohol are two things that should definitely be kept at a safe distance from each other. Here’s one game that will let you enjoy fireworks and considerable amounts of alcohol, as long as the fireworks are being set off by a sober, licensed professional. Here are some sample rules to follow, but feel free to make up your own:

  • Take a drink any time you hear fireworks or firecrackers throughout the day.
  • During the show, take a drink for any single firework shot off.
  • Take two drinks any time you think the show is over, but it’s actually just a pause.
  • Chug your drink during the finale

Spirits and Sparklers

Sparklers lose their novelty with age, but there’s nothing a little alcohol can’t make fun once again. Gather your group and hand everyone a sparkler. Everyone lights theirs at the same time. Once lit, finish your drink before the sparkler goes out. Refill, relight, and repeat.

Red, White and Booze

Have your group sit in a circle. The first person has to name something that is red, the next something white, the next something blue and then start over. The point is to go fast and not use the color name at all. If someone hesitates, says the color or says an object that isn’t the correct color, they have to drink.

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