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Nightlife Soundbites With Madelon Dickerson

Imagine walking into your classroom sporting sweatpants, a hoodie with last night’s t-shirt underneath, and a pair of shoes that don’t really match your outfit. No, this isn’t a nightmare. This is just a typical Tuesday morning for most college students.

College is a beautiful time in life. If you have the stamina, you can go out on a Tuesday night and wake up right in time for your 9 a.m. chemistry lab. If you are looking to dance the night away, campus offers plenty of clubs to suffice your needs. If you are looking to stay low key, maybe catch up with some friends, the “hole in the wall” bars always feel like home.

But regardless of when you go out and where you decide to spend your last $20 in your bank account; we’re all just college students looking to catch a buzz and make it to our first class of the day the next day.

So here’s to you, weekend warriors and party animals alike. The students grinding through the week, getting shit done, and still finding time to kick back a few drinks.

This week, we had the chance to talk to communications major Madelon Dickerson about going out and hitting the town, Ohio State style.

If you only had $30 for a night out, where would you go and what would your drink choices be?

I’d say stick with campus bars if you’re trying to save. Most of the time each night of the week different little bars on campus have drink deals. I love going to Fourth Street Bar & Grill, on Tuesdays they have half off drinks. I also always go for a gin and tonic!  

What’s the best bar to close down on campus?

The O hands down. Me and my friends almost always end our nights closing down The O. There really is just no better vibe to end your night on.

SHOTS: What do you go for if someone is buying, versus your cheap option of choice?

Lemon drops are always my go to for shots, I’m kind of a wimp and can’t do the hard stuff. I guess the cheapest shot I got once was I just asked for a well vodka and took that. I don’t recommend…

What’s the difference between your going to class outfit compared to your going out outfit?

This depends on the night. I’d say I’m pretty unrecognizable in my going to class outfit because I wear no make up and put no effort into anything really. On Thursday nights I always dress up and I always wear heels no matter what. If I were to get a couple drinks on a weeknight, I throw on sneakers, leggings or jeans and a denim jacket. Sometimes the most fun nights are the most relaxed casual ones.

In six words, describe campus’ nightlife culture.

So who is having after hours?   

What’s the weirdest drunk story you’ve ever heard and how does it compare to yours?

Well, I didn’t hear this I actually saw it. There was a couch being thrown away so it was on the side of the road and when I was walking home from a night out, a guy was asleep on the couch. It was pretty disgusting. Hmm compared to mine, I once fell asleep in the bathroom at Canes and that was interesting to say the last.

What’s the best hangover cure?

The best hangover cure is take off your makeup BEFORE bed and drink a glass of water. Then sleep in and when you wake up have a huge ice cold blue Gatorade waiting for you.

Where’s the best place to stuff your face after a night of drinking?

Sicilias is literally amazing. They are open late and not only is the pizza good but so are all of their pastas. Try the gnocchi and your life will be changed.

What are 5 must have songs on any pregame playlist?

I love to sing and dance so I need some good sing alongs. My go to is “These Words” by Natasha Bedingfield. I will belt that song till the day I die. I also need to hear “Slide” by Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos. I love any songs by Khalid especially “American Teen.” I love a lot of genres but I need feel good music before I go out. I feel like it starts off the night with such a positive vibe. Two more that I want at a pregame would be “Pine & Ginger” by Amindi K Fro$t and “Hard Times” by Paramore.

If you could get drunk with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

This is hard. I guess I’d say the Obama’s as weird as it sounds. I just think they seem like a fun couple and, like, we could have an all around great night. That would make me so happy. The conversation would be great and Barack and Michelle both seem like really funny people who can get down and have a laugh.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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