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Simply Rollin’ – Ice Cream Made Simple

Originally in Stock & Barrell, by Kim Leddy

Couples come back from their honeymoon with a lot of things—photos, souvenirs, maybe even the gestating next generation, but it’s not often that they come back with a business plan. Yet that’s exactly the story behind Simply Rolled Ice Cream.

“The whole concept started last November when my wife and I traveled to Thailand on our honeymoon,” said Zach Sanders. “While walking through a local market, we saw a street vendor create fresh, made -to-order ice cream. We had seen this concept on youtube, but to see the process from start to finish in person was so exciting and unique. As soon as we saw the vendor roll the ice cream into little rolls, we instantly became inspired to bring this concept back to Columbus and add our own unique twist.”


“Simply Rolled started the moment we were handed that ice cream cup,” he said.

In just a few short months after returning home, January found the Sanderses deep into Simply Rolled, with their first pop-up landing in May at Mikey’s Late Night Slice.

Many, including the couple, in the U.S. first learned about the Thai street treat of rolled ice cream through the ubiquitous YouTube videos. Wet ingredients are poured onto a really, really, like, really cold griddle-esque apparatus and then through quick flicks of the wrist, the now frozen ice cream is rolled and served. “I actually picked up the rolling process pretty quickly, but the hardest part was getting our ice cream base just right. The only ingredient they told us they used was milk, so the rest was up to us to figure out. When we got back, we tried several different recipes and finally came up with an ice cream base that is simple, tastes great, and was free of emulsifiers and eggs.”

“The way our process works is we use an advanced cold plate that chills below -10 degrees,” he explained. “We pour our ice cream base onto the plate and add our customers choice of toppings. We chop and mix it all together and then spread the mixture across the frozen plate. Finally we roll the ice cream into little rolls, top and serve as ordered. Since we have started customers have come up with some creative and awesome custom rolls.”


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