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Sidelines with Nikki Dzurko

Nikki Dzurko is a member of Ohio State’s most dominant athletic program: the Synchronized Swimming team. As a freshman, she won an individual national title, a duet national title, overall institution champion and a team champion with Ohio State. You know what I did as a freshman? Almost failed college algebra. Really puts things in perspective.

Solo champion, duet champion, overall institution and a team championship in your first year of collegiate competition: How does it feel?

It feels amazing to have won my first collegiate championship as a freshman! I wasn’t expecting such a great win considering our many challenges and obstacles as a team, but I think ultimately that’s what made the team so strong and the win so rewarding

When you committed to coming to Ohio State, you knew you were coming to a synchronized swimming powerhouse. Were you nervous at the beginning of the season? And how do you feel about your position with the team now that your first year is over?

Coming into Ohio State, I was obviously nervous to be around so many people I haven’t swam with before. I never focused too much on my position within the team, I mainly focused on on how I personally could push myself to be as helpful as possible for our whole team. At nationals, being a large contributor in the different routines was pretty exciting, but I know it takes a village, or in our case a team

At what point did you realize ‘I’m better at swimming than most people are at walking’?

Never really! Most of the time when I see myself swim I only try to see what I need fix and make better as an individual. 

And now, the most important question of all: What’s the best snack after a long day of competition?

Lots and lots of chocolate milk!

What’s one secret talent people might not know you have? Are you secretly a world-class billiards player? Can you speak Klingon?

Nothing that exciting, but I love to cook and bake.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not busy in practice, swim meets or class?

It’s more of a summer activity but I love paddle boarding, and for the school year I love seeing movies in the theaters with friends

The best place to eat around campus is _____ because _____.

Mirror Lake because everyone loves good French fries

Finish the sentence “If I wasn’t chasing championships in synchronized swimming, I would be…”

Snuggling dogs

Header photo courtesy of Ohio State Athletics.


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