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Sidelines with Bo Coolen

From the 808 to 614 – Bo Coolen has had a long (distance) journey to be a Buckeye

To make it clear—the original Hawaii Five-O episodes came out in the 60’s—the 2010 version is a remake. And the state itself is not next to Alaska. Don’t trust the pictures you see.

Now   that  we’re all caught up on Hawaii in general—let’s catch up on Bo Coolen, senior baseball player that has his roots in Honolulu. After transferring from Cypress College a few years back to become a Buckeye, the standout first-baseman is showing why Ohio can be better than our island state out west…to be successful with baseball, at least.

The Ohio State University baseball team defeat Kent State university 9-8 on April 5, 2017 at Bill Davis Stadium on the campus of The Ohio State University.
(Photo by: Walt Middleton Photography)

Why’d you decide to be a Buckeye? I wanted the feeling of a big school atmosphere. I went to Pepperdine my freshman year and didn’t like how small it was with no football. I was looking to go somewhere I could cheer on for the rest of my life and represent something bigger. I enjoy representing the state of Ohio. 

When did you start playing baseball? Started playing as soon as I could pick up a bat and a ball. 

What got you into it? My dad played college and my mom played softball. My dad is currently the head softball coach at the University of Hawaii. I’ve always grown up at his field with a ball and bat in my hand. 

Are there any stereotypes of baseball culture that just aren’t true? One of the biggest stereotypes in baseball is that all baseball players look good in baseball pants. This is false! Not all baseball players look good in baseball pants but, if I may say so I look fantastic in baseball pants. 

What do you love most about it? The best feeling of baseball is being at the park with either the freshly cut grass, concession stand smell, and knowing you’re playing Americas pastime. I love the feeling you get when you square a ball up or make a good play in the field. 

What has been your favorite memory of your career? My favorite memory would be winning the Junior Olympics with my travel ball team when I was in high school. Nothing is better than a good dog pile knowing you just won a Gold Medal. 

What’s the success of the program been like at OSU recently? Last year was a tough year to have, but this year we are turning things around and we are playing good as team. People are buying in and we are having fun which is the main thing when you play a sport you love. 

What’s next for you in life, does it include baseball? I sure hope it includes baseball. But, if not, I hope to help coach somewhere possibly or become a PE teacher or hopefully work for a professional team of some sort. I don’t exactly know what is going to happen. I’m just going with the flow right now and enjoying my college career and then we will see what happens after that! 

What’s your favorite TV show to binge watch? I am currently binge watching “Peaky Blinders” which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Other than that I am a fan of “Riverdale” and “The Big Bang Theory.” 

If you could only have one menu item from Taco Bell for the rest of your life, what would it be? No doubt a Crunchwrap Supreme. 

Who was your first crush? I had a fat crush on one of my dad’s former players when I was in like 3rd or 4th grade. Her name was Stacey. I thought she was the best softball player in the world and would always steal her glove and bat to play with after the games. 

Would you rather have five arms, or accordions for legs? Five arms no doubt. Having accordions for legs would be so annoying! 

Least favorite actor/actress? I am not a fan of Jim Carrey. Every time I watch his movies I just get annoyed! 

What’s the most kills you’ve gotten in a Fortnite game? I think I got like 9 one game and I’ll probably never do that again. Usually average about 3-5 per game. I’m not the best, but I try! 

Chris Pennington

Chris Pennington


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