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Sidelines with Becca Gavin

For Becca Gavin, senior catcher on the women’s softball team, attending school at Ohio State has been much of a balancing act. Between catching pitches throughout the week for practice, taking those skills to the field during games, and attending class in the School of Dentistry, Gavin has been staying busy.

Throughout all that grinding, late nights at the library combined with early mornings on the practice field, and all the other stressors that come with college, Gavin received some well-deserved recognition in the form of being awarded the Pierce Phoenix Award and the Woody and Anne Hayes Scholarship Fund. The Pierce Phoenix Award is granted to a student-athlete who has excelled in academics, athletics, and personal growth and the Woody and Anne Hayes Scholarship Fund provides an athlete with financial assistance for postgraduate studies. 

With Gavin’s schedule looking so hectic from an outsiders perspective, we wanted to get to know how she finds a way to keep everything all balanced while staying award winning. Hey, we can barely handle an exam and a double-shift during the week; how the hell can she even find time to breathe? We had the chance to find out just that in this week’s installment of Sidelines.

The Ohio State University softball team defeat Penn State twice during their double header in Columbus, OH. April 11, 2018, Game 1. Provided by the Ohio State University Department of Athletics

What are your tips or hacks you have for getting yourself out of bed to go to class/the gym/practice when you really don’t want to?

Find what motivates you and get enough sleep. There’s nothing harder than getting out of bed when you’re tired.

Going to class and having games/practices is much like a full time job where you don’t have much time to do anything, how do you find a balance between it all?

Prioritizing helps a lot with balancing a crazy schedule. Staying organized, practicing  routines, and making lists also help me personally.

And when you do actually have some down time to yourself, how are you spending it?

Don’t ever underestimate a good nap.

How do you release stress when all your responsibilities seem to be piling up?

I usually try to take a break and do something fun, or workout, or find a dog to pet.

What’s been your favorite memory throughout your time at Ohio State thus far (on or off the field)?

On the field, one of my favorite memories was our game against TTUN last year when we shut them out in front of a record crowd.

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