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Sidelines with OSU Men’s Gymnast Sean Melton

Ohio State Men’s Gymnast Sean Melton made his 2018 debut in Lincoln, Neb. on Jan. 20 and his performance earned him the honor of being Big Ten Gymnast of the Week which adds to his already highly decorated award shelf. From being a nine time all-American, winning Big Ten Freshman of the Year in 2014, and Big Ten Gymnast of the Year in 2016; Melton is no new face at the podium.

But what about Sean Melton, the student studying hospitality management, going to class, and trying to find time to eat between class, practice, and competitions? Well, just like us, it’s a battle. But after making the move here from Orlando years ago, it looks like he’s got it figured out.

Photo Credit: Ohio State Athletics

Since making the move from the warm weather of Orlando to the unpredictable weather in Ohio, what’s been the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make?

Checking the weather app everyday because you never know what you’re going to get here in Ohio.

Would You Rather: Go to Disney World or Cedar Point?

Disney World.

When you are not at the gym and preparing for competitions, how do you spend your free time?

Usually just relaxing at home with my roommates/friends, going out to eat, and making trips to PetLand.

What’s your go-to cheat day meal?

Spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s and a chocolate Frosty.

If you only had $15 in your wallet and you needed to grab some food, where are you going and why?

Bibibop because you can get a meal for $7 so that way I can go right next door and hit up Smoothie King with the extra money.

If you had to take someone on a date to a restaurant on campus, where would you take them and why?

With the limited campus restaurants, I’d go to Mad Mex after 10 p.m. because everything is half off [laughs]. Ballin’ on a budget out here.

What’s been the most difficult class you’ve had to take at OSU?

For sure Accounting with the legendary Marc Smith.

Can you give us 5 songs on your Spotify or Apple Music playlist?

“Go Flex” by Post Malone; “Losin’ Control” by Russ; “God’s Plan” by Drake; “Oasis” by Kygo; “The Ocean” by Mike Perry

Do you have any guilty pleasure songs or albums? What are they?

“I Will Always Love You” by Paris McGee Jr.

What’s your go-to Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime show?

Netflix is Friends, but Game of Thrones all-time favorite show.


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