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Shit To Do: Winter Workouts

How Buckeyes are staying fit during the frigid months.

Buckeye, it’s cold outside (see what I did there?). This month in this section of the magazine, we are showing you how to stay fit during the winter months with some indoor fitness options, but before we dive in, I caught up with Ayendy Bonifacio to have him dish out his workout plan that doesn’t require you to leave your house and face the cold temperatures. He’s a graduate student in the English department, and he’s also the only ripped person I know.

Ayendy suggests not doing sets, but timing workouts instead. When he didn’t have a gym membership, he designated 30 minutes to an hour for strength and cardio training. Here’s his routine for when you don’t want to skip arm day, but don’t want to leave your dorm:


5 Minutes: Stretching

This includes doing arms and leg stretches.

10 Minutes: Push-Ups

Push-ups or knee push-ups (sets of 10 or 20 reps) with 30-second breaks between sets.

10 Minutes: Stomach Crunches

Sets of 50 reps with 30-second breaks between sets.



10 Minutes: Burpees

One set of 50 reps with 30 second breaks between sets.

10 Minutes: Jumping Jacks

Sets of 50 reps with 30 second breaks between sets.

5 Minutes: Stretching

Just like you did at the beginning of the workout, including arms and legs stretches.


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