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The Sex Survey: Statistical Results

How OSU Gets Down

It’s February so you know what that means: love is in the air and sex is on our minds.

So with all the high-powered emotions floating around the theme of Valentine’s Day for the month, we decided to tap into the mind of some students. And by some students, we mean more than 1,000. We asked some slightly uncomfortable questions—what’s the weirdest thing someone has said to you during sex?; would you ever consider a threesome; you know, the questions you can’t ask your parents—and you guys gave us some wild answers.

So without further ado, let’s get down and dirty, 1870 style.

The Basics

The Gender Breakdown

Male: 45.1%

Female: 53.2%

Non-binary: 1.3%

Transgender: 0.4%

Sexual Orientation

Heterosexual: 82.7%

Homosexual: 5%

Heteroflexible: 1.5%

Other: 1.2%

The Nitty Gritty

Illustration by Dustin Goebel

What Type Of Birth Control Do You Use?

Condoms: 44.1%

The Pill: 27.7%

None: 11.4%

Abstinence: 8.5%

IUD: 8.3%

Is Regular Sex Important For A Healthy Relationship?

Yes: 82.2%

No: 17.8%

Is Foreplay Necessary?

Yes: 90.3%

No: 9.7%

Does Size Matter?

Yes: 88.5%

No: 11.5%

How Often Do You Watch Porn?

1 – 3 times/week: 60.1%

4 – 5 times/week: 17%

6 or more times/week: 9.3%

Never: 13.6%

Would You Ever Purchase A Sex Toy?

Yes: 67.4%

No: 23.4%

Already own one: 9.2%

The Down & Dirty

Illustration by Dustin Goebel

What Is Your Biggest Fear When It Comes To Love And Sex?

Pregnancy: 55%

Rejection: 13.2%

Performance: 10.5%

STD/STI: 21.3%

Can You Consent To Sex After Drinking?

Yes: 39%

No: 18%

Depends: 4.3%

When Did You Lose Your Virginity?

Before 16: 77%

16 – 18: 55.9%

19 – 21: 14%

21 – 25: 4.6%

I’m still a virgin: 17.8%

How Long Do You Wait To Sleep With Someone You Are Dating?

1 – 2 weeks: 43.9%

Less than a week: 22%

Longer than a month: 29.2%

Until marriage: 4.9%

Have You Ever Been Involved In A Threesome?

Yes: 17.5%

No, but I want to: 50.5%

No, never: 32%

Have You Ever Faked An Orgasm?

Yes: 51.3%

No: 48.7%

Be sure to check out the extended responses from the Sex Survey here!

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


Not freshmen with their stupid iPads

The redhead in the Michigan State sweatshirt I sat across from in Thompson today (2/14). If you don’t already have one, I’d love to be your Valentine.

I hate the people that loudly chew their food or smack their gum in the middle of class, I literally hope you get a terrible sunburn, a million paper cuts, and then dunked in a pool of lemon juice

Where are all the cute redheads at?

NOT people who open containers of tree nuts in open places. Seriously, people are DEATHLY allergic to them. Not just if they eat them, but also if they have contact with their oils or she’ll them. If your hungry, open a bag of potato chips. Don’t put a whole population at risk.

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