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Serving Up Spring Break

Spring Break is a wonderful time in college. You essentially have a green light from society to drink and party as much as you can within a week’s time, you get to flee from the frigid temperatures haunting Ohio, and all the worries and stress of school are put to the side for a few blissful days.

That is until your part-time employer catches wind that you have loads of free time and schedules you damn near every day of Spring Break.

This might suck. If we are being honest with you, it does suck. But that doesn’t mean your Spring Break has to be ruined because you are responsible. Instead of sulking away this precious free time away from school, use this time to treat yo’ motherfuckin’ self and bring the flavors of Spring Break to you.

You don’t need to buy some expensive-ass plane ticket to taste the flavors of Spring Break. In fact, you could eat at the places on this list every day for the week and still spend less than a trip to Florida. And here’s the kicker: it might be gruel and cold outside, but if you treat yourself to a few of these places, maybe—just maybe—for a second you’ll forget you’re in the heart of a cold city.

Taste of the Islands

Poke Bowl from Hai Poke

Photo provided by Andrew White and Hai Poke.

Hai Poke essentially takes all the flavors hailing from Hawaii and throwing them all into one big-ass bowl for your taste buds craving island flair. Whether you go with the salmon, tuna, tofu, or veggies, your bowl will come decked out with sticky sushi rice, pickled cucumbers, and crispy wontons; then, it’s topped off with spicy mayo and power sauce. Throw on some avocado and extra fried wonton chips for a buck each, and you just found yourself a bowl of tropical heaven.

Location: 647 N. High St.

Jerk Chicken from Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

For anyone that’s ever been lucky enough to spend some time in the Caribbean, they do a lot of things right down there. And Caribbean jerk chicken is one of those things. Ena’s BBQ Jerk Chicken is a perfect blend of slow-cooked marinade chicken and a smothering of barbecue sauce. The dish pairs great with collard greens, fried plantains, mac’n’cheese, cornbread, cabbage… Honestly, there are too many awesome sides to pair with it. You can probably come back several times and never have the same meal for just this one item alone.

Location: 2444 Cleveland Ave.

Taste of the Border

Shredded Chicken and Brisket Tacos from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Fuzzy’s may just be some random authentic Mexican joint stuck in chilly old Columbus, Ohio, but it can do a damn fine job of making you forget that you’re stuck back home for the break. The food is delicious, and there are an absurd amount of options to pick from. We’d recommend the tacos, particularly the shredded chicken and shredded brisket tacos. And if the food isn’t enough, the place offers slushy margaritas and has plenty of TVs to cover whatever March Madness game is going on at the moment.

Location: 479 N. High St.

Beef Brisket from Smoked on High

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

We here at 1870 Mag are firm believers that there’s no bad mood that can’t be cured with perfectly smoked beef brisket and mac n’ cheese. At Smoked on High, you can get all the delicious features of Texas-style BBQ without having to make a 20+ hour drive to the Lone Star State. We advise you to get the cole slaw and mac n’ cheese combo to pair with your sammy, but we’ll never judge a person for swapping out the slaw for cornbread. With that being said, the true BBQ heads know you don’t gamble and just get all three.

Location: 755 S. High St.

Taste of the Gulf

The Cuban Sandwich from Plantain Cafe

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

If your envy is building from your friends taking off to Miami, Florida for Spring Break, let Plantain Cafe help you put that toxicness to rest. You don’t need no stinkin’ Miami, Florida to enjoy some delicious Cubano treats. For a sandwich as classic as the Cuban, there needs no fusian or extra flair; it’s just mouthwatering, slow roasted pork, sweet ham, a slice of swiss cheese, and a dab of yellow mustard to brighten the dish up. Simplicity is the key here. The only problem you’ll have is deciding whether or not to take the last bite of your Cuban or finish off the addicting salty-and-sweet combo that comes with the plantain chips.

Location: 77 E. Gay St.

Crawfish Etouffee from Da Levee

Photo provided by Da Levee.

Need a little bit more spice in your food? Look no further, my friends. Da Levee is the real deal when it comes to New Orleans-style cajun dishes. The jambalaya is always a classic, but if you’re feeling like trying something new, the crawfish etouffee is worth your time. Don’t know that that is? Imagine crawfish served on a bed of fresh rice smothered in a thick roux and loaded with spices. Mouth watering yet? Mine sure is. Also, for real, don’t skip on the magic bread. It’s kinda like garlic bread, but even better, and it pairs incredibly well with most meals. Especially when you pour some of your etouffee on it.

Location: 765 N. High St.

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