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September Crush Connections

Ever wonder who is behind those most dastardly and hopelessly romantic tweets? Or how the crushee reacted to an OSUCrush tag? Well, so does OSUCrush! We’ve followed up on some of our favorite tweets to dig up the details.

OSUCrush: “Connor from First Watch is such a daddy, he can pour syrup on my pancake any day.”

Naturally, we had to know more about Connor’s new official position as the First Watch pancake daddy. There’s nothing more important than breakfast preferences when trying to evaluate a potential mate. Of course, we don’t discriminate against pancakes or waffles, because every breakfast item has an unalienable right to a smooth pour of syrup! So, thank you, pancake daddy!

Connor Racey  (@racey_connor)

Is this your first time being crushed? How did you react? First time and [it was] awesome.

Any idea who did it? Any follow-ups? No clue who.

How good are you at pouring syrup? I can pour a pretty gnarly syrup line.

Pancakes or waffles and why? Pancakes, but I’m not gonna waffle about it.

What is the very best thing to eat at First Watch? Trifecta, you get everything.


OSUCrush: “Any boy that likes sports, follow me @brittany_ohio”

We had to find out exactly what kind of man Brittany was looking for (you’re welcome, fellas). We were suspicious that any man into any sport would do, but quite the contrary. Has your obsession with pickleball kept you from having a functioning relationship? Well, we’ve got a match for you!

Brittttt (@brittany_ohio)

Do you have a particular sport you prefer or would any sport do? Basketball or football.

Would you ever date a guy that was super into pickleball or badminton? If his personality matched mine, sure.

If they aren’t into sports, is that a deal breaker? Yeah, no sports would be a dealbreaker.

If you were taken on the ideal date, what game at what stadium would you want to go to? Men’s Ohio State Basketball vs. Syracuse at the Schottenstein Center.


OSUCrush: “Please date me @jordanlauch”

How does one get a date with Jordan? We needed to know what he looks for in a potential blind date (again, you’re welcome, fellas)! But be warned, we still aren’t entirely sure who is going to have to pick up the bill.

Jordan Lauch (@Jordanlauch)

Is this your first time being crushed on? I had 2 crushes posted about me two years ago a.k.a my freshman year

Would you ever go on a blind date? I’d be all up for a blind date.

What is the best case scenario for your hypothetical blind date? Well for us to hit it off and for him and I to want to go on another. 🙂

Who pays for dinner? It doesn’t matter, honestly, if one of us volunteers then they can pay, but it’s only the first date, so it’s not hard for us to pay for ourselves.


OSUCrush: “Jessi from Sloopy’s. She’s gorgeous and always such a sweetheart.”

We of course wanted all the crush updates from Jessi at Sloopy’s, as well as all the details on the inner mechanisms of the enigma that is Sloopy’s.

Jessi Graber (@dontbeafah)

Is this your first time being crushed? How did you react? Yes it was my first time and I was so surprised. I’m always working and talking with people so seeing this gave me a big smile.

Any idea who crushed you? Any follow-up (date, DM, etc.)? I don’t know who did it, but I’m always willing to hear a crush out!

So you work at Sloopy’s… what’s the very best thing to order there? Everything at Sloopy’s is delicious, but our buffalo fried chicken wrap is the bomb.

What’s the best and worst part of your job? Best part about my job is the people. At Sloopy’s we are family and they’re the best support system. My roommate is my co-worker and best friend. Worst part of the job would have to be tapingo. It destroys us on a regular basis.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a customer order/do at Sloopy’s? Weirdest thing I’ve seen is someone left their weave in the big Block-O booth.

TJ Neer and Katie Cook contributed to this article.

1870 Staff

1870 Staff


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