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Senior Reflections

Claire Chilcoat

Major: Psychology

Favorite Class: COMM Interpersonal Relationships

Hardest Class: Behavioral Neuroscience

Easiest Class: Food Science

Favorite Memory: Passing Neuro

Favorite Place to Study: My house

Favorite Place to Eat: Mirror Lake Creamery (RIP)

What you will miss the most: Free time during the day 

Biggest regret: Not getting involved more freshman year

Advice for underclassmen: Take summer classes at C-State


Trent “Jones” Jones

Major: Business Finance

Hardest Class: Business Statistics 

Easiest Class: Organizational Behavior (BUSMHR 3200)

Favorite Memory: Ohio State winning College Football Playoff

Favorite Place to Study: Tilted Towers

Favorite Place to Eat: Tommy’s Pizza, (West Lane Shop, make sure you get your pizza cooked in the old oven)

What You Will Miss Most: Hanging out with my roommates

Biggest Regret: Just trying to pass classes instead of learning material

Advice for Underclassmen: If any school related event isn’t going according to plan, I can assure you there is a loophole


Carly Hyder

Major: Strategic Communications 

Favorite Class: Crisis Communication—the information was always so relevant and Professor Holt was always entertaining!

Hardest Class: Public Communication Campaigns—it was a lot to manage since it was a capstone class, but so rewarding in the end. 

Easiest Class: Beer & Wine in Western Culture

Favorite Memory: Going to football games 

Favorite Place to Study: The library in Orton Hall

Favorite Place to Eat: Marketplace—their General Tso’s chicken is the best. 

What you will miss the most: The community of this campus. There’s such a special atmosphere here and it will be really sad to not be part of it on a daily basis anymore. 

Biggest regret: Not rushing the field when we beat *ichigan in 2OT

Advice for underclassmen: Get involved in something. It doesn’t have to be a ton of things, but find something you love and take part in it. This campus can feel big, but when you’re part of something that means a lot to you and you find other people who are excited about the same things, it makes OSU feel more like home. 


Thomas Urban

Major: Communication Analysis & Practice

Favorite Class: Small Group Communication (4635)

Hardest Class: Chemistry 1210 (lol)

Easiest Class: Wine and Beer

Favorite Memory: Celebrating after the bucks won the natty in 2014

Favorite Place to Study: 10th floor of Thompson

Favorite Place to Eat: K comm or Tommy’s

What you will miss the most: The OSU gyms or My house

Biggest regret: Not participating in inter-murals 

Advice for underclassmen: Use your time at OSU to set yourself up for a life you’ll genuinely enjoy. Don’t do what you think will make you the most money or what other people want you to do. Find what you enjoy and do that.


Taylor Barr

Major: Information Systems

Favorite Class: Data Structures using Java CSE 2123

Hardest Class: Online Intro to theater CSCC

Easiest Class: Intro to international Business

Favorite Memory: When we won the national championship freshman year and the police let us into the shoe when Celebrating the victory… 

Favorite Place to Study: Condado

Favorite Place to Eat: Taco Bell

What you will miss the most: Houndies

Biggest regret: Taco Bell

Advice for underclassmen: Don’t let a house of 14-17 guys convince you that falling down the stairs and recording yourself is a good idea. It will be funny and you will look back on it and laugh, actually just do it. It was fun.


Greg Berrigan



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