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Confess Your Love With Condom-Grams

@Tosu.Valentines is hoping to change the way you send Valentine’s Day cards.

If you come to your dorm room tonight and find a personalized note and a condom taped to your door, you are probably someone’s crush for Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine’s Day this year, the Instagram account, @tosu.valentines, ran by FCOB Management Sciences major Nathan Sardo and Mechanical Engineering major Dylan Seng, is hoping to spread a little love on campus in the form of cards attached to a condom that is taped to your crush’s dorm door. All you have to do is reach out to the account with your love message, the building and dorm room number of your crush, and Venmo them $3 for the condom or $1 for candy.

You might be asking, why? Well, the idea sprung from white boards on your dorm room door.

Having a white board on your door in the dorms is a pretty common thing, and the group noticed that people really went all out with writing hilarious messages on other student’s white boards. Thus, an idea was born. The group originally planned to just take a message and use a fuck ton of tape to place it on the door so it would be very visually noticeable. However, after some discussion and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, the group switched speeds and decided to make their services a little more themed. Instead of walking to your door to loads of tape and a message, you’ll find a love message and a condom-gram.

“We figured other people did the same thing and with Valentine’s Day coming up, we thought condom-grams would be a funny way to let other people send stuff to their friends,” co-creator Sardo explained.

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