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Road Trippin’ To Penn State

An insider’s guide to making the most out of away games.

The Buckeyes will be on the road to face Penn State, Maryland, Purdue, and Michigan State, and we found some students from each state to show us the proper way to do a road game while still keeping all the emotions and feelings you get while pregaming and celebrating on Ohio State’s campus.

Pack your bags (with only Ohio State gear, duh)—it’s time for a road trip.

Bailey Decker | Pennsylvania Native

No game day can start without grabbing some pre-game food. What’s the go-to place to get some good grub?

Gumby’s Pizza for sure. Who doesn’t love a solid carb meal of pizza sticks without the sauce?

Does Pennsylvania have any special dishes or food options that are a must try?

Berkey Creamery ice cream is the best! There are so many choices and all of them are so good. Everyone says the freshman 15 comes from somewhere and there’s a reason the creamery is right by the freshman dorms. You’ll also have to get Primanti Bros [commonly referred to as PMan’s] cheese wedges. The gooyiness of the cheese is to die for, and as you bite it, the wedge breaks and it’s melty amazingness!

What’s the best place to grab a drink before the big game?

If you choose the bar scene, my favorite places are Primanti Bros and Mad Mex. Mad Mex has an outside bar and margs that are dangerously good! Tailgates are way more the place to be though.


How do we get to the stadium?

Uber everywhere. You can also walk and get your steps in and try to burn off all the booze you’ve probably been ingesting! It’s an uphill battle though and coming from downtown it’s about a one to two mile walk.

If the Buckeyes win, where’s the best spot to celebrate and what drink do you recommend?

PMans is the essential college bar with crappy bathrooms and cheap drinks that will get you nice and buzzed. Get a $2 mind eraser, and yes it does exactly what the name implies. If Pman’s isn’t your scene head over to The Street Beaver. There will for sure be a rally there. Be careful, though. Kids will swing and climb on light posts so watch out.

What’s the best brunch/breakfast place to treat that dreadful hangover?

Waffle Shop for sure. Nothing is more curable than extra crispy home fries or their homemade waffles. When waffle is the name you know the waffles are gonna be done right. Their Cinnamon-Apple Waffle is a crowd pleaser especially once fall hits! There’s nothing better.

What are the most Insta-worthy spots around the area?

In the stadium getting lifted or crowd surfing, going into PMans and getting a picture with all your cute friends, Old Main’s lawn, on the top of Mount Nittany, in Field Burger & Tap in game day clothes, on the front porch of all the crazy greek houses, and in the arboretum!

Are there anything places that are overhyped?

Nittany Shrine is 100% the most over hyped part of Penn State. It’s cool to take pictures in front of, but other than that it’s not like you can actually hang out there.


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