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Road Trippin’ To Maryland

An insider’s guide to making the most out of away games.

The Buckeyes will be on the road to face Penn State, Maryland, Purdue, and Michigan State, and we found some students from each state to show us the proper way to do a road game while still keeping all the emotions and feelings you get while pregaming and celebrating on Ohio State’s campus.

Pack your bags (with only Ohio State gear, duh)—it’s time for a road trip.

Abigail Werner | Maryland Native

Does Maryland have any special dishes or food options that are a must try?

If you are coming to Maryland, it is a must to try crabs or even just a good crab dip if you don’t have the time to sit down for the process that is a Maryland crab boil.  If you are staying in College Park, Looney’s Pub is a great option to grab some hot crab dip, crab nachos, a crab pretzel, Crab Balls, Crabby Fries, crab soup, crab cakes, and more. I could go on but you get the big picture, Maryland is proud of our affinity for crabs.

Now food is great and all, but what’s the best place to grab a drink before the big game?

The three primary (and basically only) bars on campus are R.J. Bentley’s, Turf, and Cornerstone. Bars may be a more convenient choice if you’re coming to College Park in your scarlet and grey, but there are always a lot of Buckeye fans in town on game day tailgating near the fields and parking lots so it could be a good opportunity to meet some new people!


How do we get to the stadium?

The vast majority of people walk to the stadium being that it is located relatively centrally to campus and the campus itself is not too big. More often than not, the bus system at UMD will become more of a hassle than a convenience, especially on a busy game weekend. If you’re pregaming far off campus and have the money to spend, using a rideshare program is a viable option but the roads in and around campus can get pretty congested—especially considering all the tailgates in the parking lots—so walking could save you some time and money.

If the Buckeyes win, where’s the best spot to celebrate and what drink do you recommend?

For college age kids, the go-to bar on campus would definitely be R.J. Bentleys (better known as Bent’s), which most closely resembles College Park’s version of Midway. It’s very quintessential college, very messy, but very fun. However be warned that there is an entrance cover charge that varies from person to person, depending on whatever the bouncer feels like asking from you. I’ve seen people be charged a cover of $4 just to have their friend behind them charged up to $20, so be nice to your bouncers!

Sadly not everyone is 21, do you have any suggestions for the them on their visit?

When I was younger my family and I would attend the tailgates that take place in the campus parking lots before the games. Plenty of families with people of all ages set up tents and chairs out there with cornhole games and lots and lots of food. When Ohio State played at Maryland two years ago, I went home and there were plenty of Buckeye fans with tents, music, and food that were willing to share and sing some chants at passers-by.

Post-game Sunday scaries got ya down?

My friends that go to the University of Maryland and have much more experience in this area recommended the College Park Diner. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering up classic American diner food at a relatively affordable price. What more could you need? There is an iHOP down the road from the campus if you are more comfortable staying in your comfort zone, but the College Park Diner would be the best option to really immerse yourself in the campus scene for the weekend.

What are the most Insta-worthy spots around the area?

The McKeldin Library mall is arguably one of the most photogenic areas of Maryland’s campus, extra points if you take a pic with your feet dangling in the fountain that runs down the mall. The mall is just a classic college quad, think the Oval except much larger and less… oval.  Marylanders will definitely recognize this spot, but if you want to make your presence a little more obvious to your followers, take a picture with the Testudo statue in front of McKeldin library. Testudo the Terrapin is Maryland’s mascot and they rub his nose for good luck and even leave peace offerings at his feet during exam season.


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