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(Re)Location, Location, Location

Checking in with all the campus favorites that grew roots at a new spot.

The return of a beautiful Mirror Lake isn’t the only major change to happen at Ohio State. Several campus bars and restaurants have been forced to move locations closer to the north and south poles of High St to make way for the university’s incoming Arts District. (Not a change I’m upset about seeing!) As a result, several campus favorites have seen some major renovations, as well as new faces walking through the door plus their regulars. 1870 is here to check in with exactly how they’re doing and to remind you that yes, they do miss you and are still open for business even if they’re not on frat row. We caught up with Jameson Wagner, manager of Adriactico’s; Chad Benson, manager at Chumley’s; and Aaron Thompson, general manager at Three’s to see what life is like from a new perspective and address on campus.

Have you seen more business after the move compared to before?

Adriatico’s: Yes! A lot of it is because of our increased dining room capacity and new menu items. We added fryers so now our wings are popular, plus fries, tater tots, and other small appetizers.

Three’s: It’s more busy now. When we first opened, everyone in the company was excited, and after the first week or two passed it was really a shock how much more difficult it was to get people in. Too’s was in the center of campus, and it was a small bar, so it was packed every single night. we’d see regulars out and ask why they weren’t at Three’s, and they said it’s too far north. That’s how the Three’s bus idea came along. We had to go harder on social media and all that good stuff; it wasn’t like we opened the same bar and got the same business. 

What are some of the biggest differences between the old and new locations?

Chumley’s: Everything’s a lot nicer. Easier to maintain. It’s almost the exact same thing, except it’s in a nicer, newer building.

Three’s: Biggest difference is straight-up location. We used to be on frat row, it was a different feeling. Three’s is also about twice the size as Too’s was, but it’s not in a basement so you don’t get that feeling. Too’s was so unique; you go down the stairs and it was a whole new world down there. Now we’re up on High Street, we have a garage and can hear outside. 

What’s your favorite thing about the new place? 

Adriatico’s: From a person that’s working here, the bigger space in the kitchen is tremendous. And all the beers we have on tap! That’s helped our sales and made people want to come and dine in. We only had two before; Bud Light and Yuengling. Now we have 18 on tap, and a lot of them are local craft beers. 

Chumley’s: TV’s. There’s a ton of TV’s. 23 down here, there’s 6 projectors, and 8 other TV’s upstairs. That’s 37 freaking TV’s.

What could never change about your place no matter where it moves?

Adriatico’s: The quality of our normal pizza. We are very proud of our unique style sauce, our pizzas are still the same, we have the same people making the dough from scratch, our own signature sauce, with fresh ingredients. Our cheese is the best you can get, we shred it multiple times a day. We have a lot people say, “It’s the exact same as I had it 20 years ago!”

Chumley’s: Schooners! 100% the Schooners!

Three’s:  Everything that Scott [the owner] has put into place that are our beliefs. We have live music every week, every time you walk into Three’s, the person checking your ID is always nice, friendly, and every bartender is, too. It’s a feeling you get when you walk through the door. It’s a whole new world honestly, and I don’t think you can replicate that. I see the same people, the same customers every weekend and I feel like it’s one big family. 

“I see the same people, the same customers every weekend, and I feel like it’s one big family.”

Three’s Above High is located on 2203 N. High St.; Chumley’s is located on 1516 N. High St.; and Adriatico’s is located on 1618 Neil Ave.


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