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QUIZ: What do you know when about the Modern Head sculpture on campus?


The Modern Head Sculpture originally made by which artist?

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Roy Lichtenstein first created the Modern Head sculpture in 1969. Clearly, it remains a popular design.

True or False: Roy Lichtenstein is an Ohio State alumnus

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It's true! Lichtenstein received his BFA from Ohio State in 1946 and his MFA in 1949. He also taught studio art from 1946-1951 and received an honorary doctorate in 1988.

How many original Modern Head monuments are there?

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There are four monumental Modern Heads around the world. One at Matsumoto Dental Universiti in Shiojiri, Nagano, Japan, one at Yale University, one at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem and one at the Smithsonian American Art Museum! Fun fact: The Smithsonian actually has a unique blue Modern Head -- the rest are silver!

True or False: Ohio State has the ONLY Modern Head that was fabricated after Lichtenstein's death.

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While many of Lichtenstein's works have been authorized and fabricated since Lichtenstein's death in 1997, Ohio State has the only Modern Head monument fabricated since then. It was funded by Ohio Percent for Art and the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation.

What kind of art is Roy Lichtenstein known for?

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Roy Lichtenstein was part of the movement in the U.S. that seemingly revolutionized art away from traditional "Fine Art" to include more pop culture. One of his most famous pieces (Pop Art Blond Woman) might even look familiar if you've seen enough memes!

QUIZ: What do you know about the Modern Head Sculpture?
Modern Head Master

You know just about all there is to know about the Modern Head art installation. I'm not sure if this information will help you get a job after graduation, but it certainly can't hurt.
Modern Head Mediocre

YOU. CAN. DO. BETTER. For all you know, this Modern Head sculpture could gather a cult following like the Tom W. Davis Clocktower (All hail), so you might wanna get in on it while you still can. Brush up on your Modern Head knowledge, then retake this quiz!


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