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QUIZ: What campus cafe breakfast are you?


Pick a study spot:

Pick a lunch spot near campus:

Pick your favorite traditions dining location:

How often do you go to office hours?

Pick a campus bar:

What Netflix show are you most likely to binge watch in the (near) future?

How many days a week do you actually EAT breakfast?

You've got time to grab a coffee before class. What's your order? (Just pick the option that is closest to your actual order)

What campus cafe breakfast are you?
Plain Bagel
You might not be flashy, but there's a reason everyone loves you. You're dependable, consistent, and pair well with pretty much anyone! While plain bagels might be high in carbs, we want to stay on the positive! Bagels are more dependable than cereal (which can get soggy), scones (what flavor do I pick???) or even fruit (what if my banana is bruised?).
You might be a bit pretentious, but with good reason! You've got high standards, and you hang around with people who live up to them. You turn your nose up at other bread-products like toast or bagels, because they don't match your flair. You are E X T R A in every sense of the word.
You're the type of person who can run on a treadmill while getting your readings done for the week. You listen to music while you study and it doesn't distract you even a little bit. You are a multi-talented person, and you need a breakfast that says that. Look no further than an apple or banana. Nothing says "I am in control of my life" more than the self control to choose an apple when there are cookies and scones on display.

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