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Queer Eye With A Buckeye

Our writer Kevin Keaton gets touched up by our fashion editor.

Sometimes, we all need that little nudge or push from an unlikely source to become a better version of ourselves. Taking the time to take care of yourself is just another way of showing some much needed self-love. The reboot of Queer Eye took the world by storm, as it defies stereotypes and shows us that it’s important to put effort into ourselves because we are worthy of it! This month, I was feeling very inspired by the Fab Five and decided to bring that energy to 1870 by doing our own mini Queer Eye with a Buckeye makeover. Thanks to Ohio State senior Kevin Keaton for courageously volunteering, we were able to give him some tips, and change up his aesthetic to bring out a little more edge to his laid back hipster vibe. (Unfortunately, due to broke boy production budgets and lack of culinary skill, the home renovation and cooking portions won’t be included in this segment.)

Going into this month’s Queer Eye segment,  because a majority of us are rolling on a very limited college budget, we decided to do a makeover with the clothes Kevin already has. Sometimes what you need is right in front of you, it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to show someone a new or different perspective, especially when it comes to clothing. I noticed that Kevin seems to be into thrifting, color, and prints. When doing a quick analysis of his closet, there were some really nice pieces to start, so I had a good amount to work with. When I asked him about his usual style choices, he explained that he normally goes for a more laid back and safe look, so I asked him to take a chance and see if we could edge up his look a little. There’s nothing wrong with a more relaxed approach to clothing, but I wanted to give Kevin a little zest to his look. We decided to start with some black jeans that were slightly faded with a pair of red Dr. Martens that he had. 


Looking deeper into his closet, I was slowly realizing that Kevin was a thrift guru, but just needed some help putting things together in a new way. When I asked if he had any distressed jackets, we found this really cool distressed light jean jacket that had patchwork designs all over it, something that is super in right now! I swear Jonathan Van Ness was somewhere asking “Can you believe??” We put that over a light patterned shirt in order to lighten the look up a bit and add some color contrast to the solid of the black in the pants. The color of the pattern in the shirt paired nicely with the Dr. Martens too, and all that was left was the symbol of the modern day edgy college kid, a black beanie.

Clothing wasn’t the only thing we covered, boys and girls! We also got down to the nitty gritty and talked skin care and grooming. I brought over my products and walked Kevin through each of them, explaining why I use them and how he could possibly benefit from them. We talked about beard oil being essential and helpful in managing the health of your beard. I also explained that adding a toner (alcohol free) to his usual skin care regimen would help remove excess dirt and oil, balance the pH of his skin, and help control acne. My favorite skin care product is the retinol serum, because these derivatives of Vitamin A help boost collagen production (reducing wrinkles and fine lines), unclogging your pores, and encourages skin cell turnover that evens discoloration and radiates the skin. Last but certainly not least is making sure to use a moisturizing lotion with an SPF!! That is probably the easiest and most important way to protect your skin, cause harmful UV rays can affect the pigmentation of your skin at any time of the year! 

In the end, Kevin didn’t REALLY need a makeover, more like an update to the software of his wardrobe. Queer Eye is about so much more than a makeover, as the show depicts a transformative process that brings out the best qualities in people, with a large focus on loving yourself, and putting in the effort to be the best version of yourself both inside and out. Kevin is a really cool guy with great taste, and all I had to do was give him a more “out of the closet” point of view.

Eyon Ertachew

Eyon Ertachew


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