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Posh or Bosh: January

New year, new trends.

As we go into the new year, many of us want to start fresh and leave our past behind. One easy thing to cleanse yourself from is your wardrobe. While it may seem like you need to completely change everything in your wardrobe to live up to the “new year, new me” mantra, there are some items you can definitely take into the new year that will still be just as chic. There are also some things you may want to throw away and remove from your IG in the new year.

Posh: Velvet

I have been in love with velvet lately. While some people may think the fabric isn’t always appropriate, it’s made its way to jackets, pants, and even bodysuits. I love wearing this trend through my shoes because things like velvet booties have a way of making an outfit pop, as they are subtle and flashy at the same time. With velvet boots, you can wear them with a casual look with jeans or dress it up with a tulle skirt.

Posh: Bodysuits

While some people doubted that this trend would last, it has turned into a piece that’s perfect for almost every occasion. From working out to going out, I always consider wearing a bodysuit for an event because of the pleasant way it fits my body. Body suits can also be worn all season long, so if you are someone who doesn’t mind wearing a piece more than once, bodysuits are great for you.

Bosh: Sheer

While I loved this trend when it first came on the scene earlier this year, there has been a sheer overload recently. Having one sheer piece can work with jeans or pants, but I definitely want the sheer pant suits and dresses to completely go away. The main reason I want to do away with the trend is the fact that it’s a seasonal trend. Sheer is best worn in the summer, though many people have worn it in the fall and winter, which needs to end very soon.

Bosh: Chokers

Chokers are something that I thought would go away last year, it made its way into 2017 and hopefully it will go away in the new year. While I enjoyed chokers in the beginning of its resurgence, it has become a trend that should go back in the vault. I feel that chokers have started to cheapen a look, especially with dresses. I think chokers can be fun but now is the time to put them to the side and instead wear other accessories like hoop or tassel earrings.

Elizabeth Randolph

Elizabeth Randolph


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