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POLL: The Superior Potato

Everyone likes potatoes in some capacity, right? Okay, only crazy people don’t like potatoes in some form or other. With that in mind, we put together a poll pitting two popular forms against each other:

At the end of the poll, the french fry stood tall, while the baked potato took the fall. I, personally, agree with the decision, but I do feel that baked potato deserves a bit of a eulogy.

O baked potato. How great you are. You can hold all of the toppings. You can hold butter and cheese, chives and sour cream. Bacon bits! More cheese! O what a wonderful potato you are.

Okay that’s all I got. French fries also have plenty of options: shoestring, steak, waffle, curly, whatever! So they’re obviously the rightful winner here.

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