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Poets of Campus: Resolutions

Around we go.
Here’s to another year without a single round of golf.
I made it 12 full months, didn’t watch one bit of baseball.
I had 52 weeks free of having the cops called.
That’s 365 days of not doing what I don’t want.

That’s not to say I have it all.
That’s not to say I don’t want.
My last resolutions were tough.
My new ones should be more fun.

I think I’ll skip church, it’s just not for me.
I learn a lot some days, but mostly they just preach.
I work all week, I know when I need a break.
Even God Himself rested on the seventh day.

I’d like to go vegan.
That’d be a big change.
I’ll take a baby step.
No more meat on weekdays.

As good comes in threes, I’ll need one more challenge.
Something that’s tough, but still brings me balance.
Something I love, that I can keep count of.
The calendar comes, what shall she be proud of?

My writing perhaps, there’s lots to be found.
I’ve hid what I’ve done, my pride and my doubt.
If I shared every day, you might know a fraction.
The passion I’ve carried, I’ll pass it all out.

I’m Andrew Wallace, also known by my porn name Spencer Vine. I’m also THE founder of an online community of spoken word artist called @SnappedPoetry. Check us out on IG. I’m @andrewwally.

Andrew Wallace

Andrew Wallace


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