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Plants vs Meats

Should the vegan or keto diet make their way into your new year, new you?

Happy New Year’s! Ringing in the New Year means a lot of things to people. One thing seems constant each year – the creation of New Year’s resolutions. For some reason when balls drop it’s a signal to everyone that they have to become a new, improved version of themselves in the coming year (it’s kind of like puberty). Strange right? Especially since time isn’t a real thing and a new year actually means nothing when you really think about it. I’m here to support all your resolutions. You do you boo-boo.

Some resolutions that always seem to pop-up are drinking less (lol), working out (using an elliptical for 20 minutes doesn’t count), and eating healthier (this is where we come in). Maybe eating healthier means no more sweets or eating more veggies. Perhaps it means incorporating more drastic changes like never eating meat again or, in fact, not eating anymore fruits and vegetables. Becoming vegan or trying the new keto kraze means making life-altering changes to your diet. For those of you contemplating this kind of change there are some important things you need to know first.


The idea behind this diet is to force your body to go into ketosis, which is when it switches over from using carbohydrates for energy to using fats instead. This means no more fruits. Basically no more vegetables. No more sugar. Ketogenics promotes reaching for things like avocado toast, but hold the toast. So just an avocado actually.


· You do lose weight relatively quickly compared to other diets.
· It has been seen to reduce seizures in children. Researchers are interested to study whether or not this could help with other brain disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.
· People with type 2 Diabetes have also seen better blood sugar control.
· You get to experiment with carb alternatives in the kitchen and make things like cauliflower pizza, cauliflower rice, cauliflower mashed “potatoes”… This could also be a con if you hate cauliflower.
· Are you a big fan of dark liquor? Good, things like whiskey and tequila are totally keto.
· Do you hate dark liquor? That’s okay too; vodka and gin are keto-friendly, and so is tonic water and club soda.


· Keto Flu: when your body freaks out for a hot sec caused by switching carbs to fats for energy. People walk around feeling like actual shit for a couple days.
· It’s difficult to maintain this diet because there are so many restrictions and many people to resort to eating unhealthy fats.
· There aren’t any long term studies that have researched the benefits, and especially the risks, of this diet.
· No more beer! Yup, beer is essentially liquified bread which means it’s loaded with carbs. The same can be said about wine, except sugar is the villain in that case.
· While you’re waving goodbye to your beer, you might as well say so long to most desserts too. It’s not impossible to whip up keto desserts, it just takes some patience and creativity.



A vegan’s diet is basically the complete opposite of keto. That being said, there are diets on the internet that are both vegan and keto, but it looks insanely difficult to keep up with. Vegans have to eat a lot of carbs in the form of fruits and vegetables. They cut out all animals and animal products, like eggs and milk, from their diets. No longer comforted by the taste of bacon on a Saturday morning after a heavy night of drinking (this is the reason I will forever remain a very happy omnivore).


· Populations living on this type of diet have been seen to live longer lives, on average, compared to people that don’t.
· It has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease.
· This diet can also help you lose excess weight.
· Environmental benefits resulting from a reduction in methane production by animals in the agriculture industry.
· There are tons of “meat alternatives” on the market that can help satisfy a craving in a pinch. The vegans have came along way from tofu burgers and boiled broccoli.


· You may become an egotistic herbivore that loves to brag about being a vegan which may cause you to lose all your friends for being an ass*. (*results may vary from person-to-person)
· This diet can be difficult to keep up because it can become expensive for college students because healthy options are always more expensive than the dollar menu at Taco Bell.
· A lot fewer options when eating out at restaurants. And most of your friends will almost always tell you that the restaurant has salad and pasta, like they did you some kind of favor by picking that restaurant.
· You have to read a lot of labels to make sure common things are actually vegan. Things like marshmallows might have gelatin in them which is made from animal bones.
· While some “alternatives” for vegans are great, others are still lacking. A big one is vegan cheese.

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Alexis Hall


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