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Places At OSU Where Reality Is Altered

Enter A Whole New World.

There are those places that just feel a little off, and Ohio State appears to have a fair share of them. People took to Twitter, and made this a meme, calling out places in their hometowns or states where “reality is altered,” and eventually students at Ohio State did the same. For context, these places are often called liminal spaces: locations that are supposed to be throughways and places that we aren’t supposed to be in for extended periods of time.

Apparently, Ohio State has a lot of these, and a lot of people cite Bullwinkles as the top one. Seriously, we removed them from the tweets that mentioned it to avoid how repetitive it is, but trust us and everyone else, Bulls after anytime is definitely a whole new world. But, OSU students didn’t stop there, here are some of the most popular tweets for places on campus where reality is altered.

Abby Almomar, @AbbyAlmomar

Places at Ohio State where reality is altered:

1. SEL fourth floor
2. Sicilia’s pizza at 2 a.m.
3. Chum’s on schooner night
4. Singing Carmen after a game
5. Walking through the Union late at night after going out

Caleb Bastin, @CalebBastin

Places at OSU where reality is altered:

1. McDonald’s on High after Bulls
2. Saturday’s in the fall semester

Miss Vaaanjie, @Mari3HUNNA

Places at OSU where reality is altered:

1. Buckeye Donuts at 2 a.m.
2. Kcomm
3. The Oval at night
4. 18th Ave Library basement
5. The red bridge at the RPAC
6. Big Bar

Paul Homan, @pho_6

Places at OSU where reality is altered:

1. The Oval at 2 a.m.
2. Trying to find your friends in the Shoe
3. West campus
4. Lecture in Independence Hall
5. Campus after a football loss

Emma Kowaleski, @KowaleskiEmma

Places at osu where reality is altered:’

1. Midway bathrooms
2. PJ’s after either 1 a.m. or 2 a.m.
3. Waffle House on High Street
4. The Oval after 10 p.m.
5. Scott post-game days
6. UDF at night
7. Exams in Independence Hall
8. Thompson during finals

Disclaimer: Tweets have been edited for length and clarity. No words were added to these tweets, rather, mentions of Bullwinkles were removed to avoid repetitiveness.

Wyatt Crosher



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